Jan 30, 2016

Fairytales Report #11

Hi guys! This is Mishma.

Can you believe that January is already over? I mean, it feels like we just parted ways with 2015! And now a month has passed since the year started! It's crazy!

Let's take a look at the events and happenings of the last two weeks!

Also, Jillian decided to abandon us this week because of exams. So I guess it's just me and you all today :D

P.S - Good luck for the exams, Jill! :)



 I think I have successfully gotten over the reading slump I was in during the end of last year. I have started to read during all my free time, even the little bouts of minutes I get to breathe here and there among all the school work.

Books Read

Sword and Verse by Kathy Macmillan
Poison Study by Maria V.Snyder ( Reread )
Shade Me by Jennifer Brown
Assassin's Heart by Sarah Ahiers

Currently Reading

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz



Sword and Verse by Kathy Macmillan
Shade Me by Jennifer Brown






1. It's been a week of blogging dramas. *sighs* To be honest, I wasn't around enough to know what exactly happened with some of them, but the dramas have certainly created a tense and awkward atmosphere in my twitter feed. Hopefully everything will die down soon, and we'll have a peaceful week for once next time.

2. There's going to be a ADSOM Read-a-long! Anything and everything V.E.Schwab writes is awesome, so while waiting for the obviously wonderful A Gathering of Shadows, there's going to be a read - a - long for A Darker Shade of Magic along with twitter chats! Unfortunately, I can't join in the fun because of the stupid timezones, but don't forget to go join the bandwagon and support the book and Victoria!!! 

3. There's going to be a sequel for Aristotle and Dante discover the Secrets of the Universe! And it's going to be called There Will be Other Summers! As I am currently reading and falling in love with the first book, I am so excited to hear this news!


1. School is consuming my life and time. As you would've seen, I am not as active in twitter as I used to be these days. There's a bazillion school related things on my plate and it's driving me crazy. Most of the days, I leave home at 6 AM and come back only after 6 PM. And my sleeping patterns are getting messed up. I am so tired and sleepy all the time. *sighs* 

2. I am struggling a bit with my depression. I really didn't want to dump my dirty laundry here, but I felt like I wanted to talk about it somehow. I am finding it to hard to keep up these days, and it's scary. One minute I feel like everything's okay and I am so happy, and the next, the world crashes around me. It's hell, and I hope I get through this, because I really don't want to fall into that dark hole again. 

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