Jan 3, 2016

Fairytales Report #9

Happy New Year once again, bookworms! This post marks off as Chasing Faerytales's first post of 2016, and we are both excited to kick off the new year with more books, friends, and bullet-journals! In the recent two weeks that have come, here's what happened to us:



Okay I sucked at reading these past two weeks. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME??? I hope to get back on track, especially since it's a new year.

Books Read
Thief of Lies by Brenda Drake

Currently Reading
Confess by Colleen Hoover


I didn't get that much reading done once the holidays kicked in due to many social events and family and friend reunions, but I am happy to say that I enjoyed majority of what I read once again.

Books Read
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
The Rainbow Troops by Andrea Hirata
Eerie by C.M. McCoy

Currently Reading
Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick


Blogoversary Posts



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1. There's quite a lot of really interesting reading challanges being hosted for 2016! While some annual favourites are back in form in 2016, there are some new exciting ones as well! I myself am participating in 10 along with the Goodreads challenge, keeping my goals less, so I don't go crazy! :)

Plus, I am hosting my first ever reading challenge this year as well! Since I love diverse books, I am so excited to host the 2016 Diverse Reads Challenge! If you want to read more diversity this year, don't forget to sign up!!! The first seasonal link up will be up on the blog as well!

2. George R.R.Martin hasn't finished the 6th Games of Thrones book yet. And here I was thinking that I should probably start the series this year. *sighs*

3. Cait has made to the finals in the Book Shimmy Awards!!! It's so exciting, and all I want to say to you all is, GO VOTE FOR HER!!!! Cait deserves to win, and let's show some book blogger support!!! You can vote here


1. Readers of the Round Table book group. So Alex, Gracie, and Batool have established a book group for 2016 called "Readers of the Round Table." Every month, there is a poll where you vote on what book should the group read altogether. Afterwards, questions and discussion forums will be open to members who have read the book within the month. 

For January, Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo will be our monthly read. I am not so sure if I can get a copy, since I am currently on a temporary book-buying ban; however, I do enjoy being in the group. I suggest you join in as well if you're interested in buddy-reading and discussing on books with other readers. You may join HERE.

2. "Before I Fall" movie is coming out this 2016. I had NO IDEA that Lauren Oliver's book was going to even be produced into a movie, but apparently it's set to release this year with Zoe Deutch as the lead star! Are you watching?



1. I started a bullet journal and am loving it!!! I am a really messy person by nature, but surprisingly, I have grown to love the practice of the organising and scheduling when it comes to my bullet journal! I've also been having so much fun by mindlessly drawing stuff in the pages! :) You can check ouyt my progress in twitter! I tweet them with the hashtag #Mishsbulletjournal16

2. I spent time with my family during the holidays. Not to say that I don't spend time with them normally, but I made special effort to hang out with my cousins and extended relations. It was relaxing and we had great fun.

3. 2016 is going to be chaotic. I know it's only the third way, bit already I've been loaded with school work, exams and prefect duties. *sighs* 


1. Christmas was great! I loved the holiday so much that I am feeling pretty depressed now that it is over. My family and I did lots of shopping, and I got new clothes and books, which I really love and adore! I got to do Secret Santa with my friends, had Noche Buena with my family at midnight, and had a family reunion two days ago. It was such a lovely holiday!

2. New books. I bought a new classic called Far From The Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy! I'm so excited to get to it, as I am trying to indulge myself in more classics this year. Also, I managed to (literally) force my friend to give me his book, which is Love Letters To The Dead by Ava Dellaira. 

3. New year, new resolutions, new ideas. I am so excited because this year, I pledged to start documenting and bullet-journaling to be more organized. I am still learning on how the bullet-journal works, but so far, it has been fun! I enjoy writing down new ideas and events that I look forward to in 2016.

4. Another year at Chasing Faerytales. And yes, 2016 will be a new year for me to continue co-blogging with Mishma at Chasing Faerytales. Albeit school has been tough, which has compelled me to cut down blogging time, I am so excited to share more ideas here in this blog! I really enjoy co-blogging here, though. Haha!

How has your week been?

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