Jan 12, 2016

For those who want to co blog at an already established blog.....

Co blogging isn't a new subject of discussion when it comes to the book blogging community. With school, work and commitments, bloggers often open their blogs' gates to another person, welcoming them into their corner of the internet and share ideas, responsibilities, achievements and their blogging journey. Whereas, some teams are formed from the beginning itself, and we audience would have never known a time where the team wasn't together.

But at the same time, it won't be all bed of roses. Co blogging has its up and downs, there might be rough patches, misunderstandings, awkward moments..... but that's not what Jill and I want to talk about today.

Co blogging won't be the same for everyone. It is a different experience, to each party in the question, but while we always talk about a blogger who is looking for a co blogger, what about those who are thinking of joining a blog as one? Especially a blog which has been up and running for some time?

Since Jill and I both have experience on this front - Jill joined here at Chasing Faerytales, when the blog was 6 months old, and I joined A Perfection called Books when it was more than a year old - we thought of sharing our thoughts, views and experiences on what it feels like to start co blogging at an already established blog.



  • A new platform, a new set of audience and a chance for a lot of exciting and new things! Joining a blog can be a super exciting step! Everything is new, you have a new platform to discuss books, a whole new set of people as your readers and to top it off, a new partner in crime! The whole prospect of a new blogging journey ahead, is really exciting and you feel like you start blogging all over again.

  • There's no place for "beginner blogger mistakes" This is especially for newbies and those who don't have a blog for their name yet. When you join an already established blog, you don't have to worry about making all the silly mistakes we bloggers do when we start out, because you'll have someone with you to guide your journey and answer your questions and doubts. Furthermore, you won't have the whole hassle of building up an audience, making connections and creating a niche, because those stuff would all have been done already by the time you join the blog, and trust me, you wouldn't have to experience half the struggle of blogging because of that.

  • You learn new methods and styles. Not all of us blog in the same style. So when you join a blog and get to know and adapt to that blog and the blogger's style, it's a new and enlightening experience. For example, I myself am a super messy person. I don't make schedules or stick to them, and before I joined APCB, I've never even used a google calendar in my life. But unlike me, Rachel is the total opposite and everything I learned about organizing, scheduling and being on top of stuff, I learned it from her!


  • It will take some time for you to think of it as "your blog". There'll be a small, sticky, awkward territorial issue. In my case, I am super lucky as Rachel has always done her best to make me and Julia feel totally comfortable at APCB, but when I first joined, that nervous feeling that I am somewhere new and unfamiliar was certainly there. Especially when you face a whole new audience who are more familiar with the blog than you sometimes.
  • Sometimes, you might have to adapt to a different style. Whether it's the writing style, the formatting - blogs never have the same style. So when you join a blog, you eventually have to adapt to that style. In my case, adapting to APCB's style was actually exciting, as it was a whole new approach to what I do here at Chasing Faerytales. But for those who are not so flexible with their style, this might be difficult.

  • Break ups..... We have seen this happen, and it can be really sad, and super awkward. Co bloggers can have fall outs, one might have to step down because of too much stuff being on their plate etc. I personally think that before joining a blog as a co blogger, one must thoroughly think through whether they'll be comfortable with that blogger, whether they'll be compatible and most of all, whether they'll be able to stick to it for the long haul.



  • You can share, discuss, and innovate on new ideas with someone who is there. Sure, blogging can be really fun, but it would be EXTRA FUN if you have someone to do it with you! With a person who completely shares your mutual love for books, it would be really great to have someone whom you can share your ideas with and improve on them together, which is really fun in both parts!

  • You learn to be more open with ideas and projects. I've had experience hosting a blog event on my own (it was the Blogger Positivity Campaign, by the way), and it was really fun, yet kind of stressful when you have to do everything on your own. Compared to being a co-blogger, I was lucky enough to co-host an event with Mishma as well, which was the Learnt It The Hard Way event. I noticed so many differences with handling an event on your own and having someone to do it with you -- for one, I had MORE FUN doing it with someone. You can share ideas and such. Additionally, the burden's not on you since you have someone to help out!


  • There is not enough time. You have no idea how much I wish to commit myself to co-blogging in Chasing Faerytales more than I should. I blog in two blogs now -- my own and this one. I primarily focus more on my own blog, but I often feel bad for forgetting any scheduled posts that I should publish in here. School gets so overwhelming that I forget to write down a post, sometimes until the point where I actually neglect it for DAYS (even weeks).

  • THE AUDIENCE WILL NEVER KNOW ME. During my first few months of co-blogging, I looked at the comments and everyone called me Mishma! Of course, I corrected them, but they were still doing the same thing, so I went all caps lock like: "HI I AM JILLIAN! JILL-I-AAAN." Thankfully, though, everyone knows who I am now, which is a relief! :)

This is Mishma, again. :D Having said all of this, we'd also like to direct you to some bloggers who are looking for co bloggers for their corner of the internet! 

In the end, co blogging is an amazing journey to be sure, and both of us can vouch for that for sure. Oh and before I forget, this is our first ever collab discussion post! (Not counting the Faerytales Report) How was it? Would you like more posts of this kind??? :D

What is your opinion of co blogging? Have you ever thought of joining a blog as a co blogger? Do you co blog in another blog? Let us know in the comments!

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