Feb 1, 2016

Top Ten Historical fiction I've read

Today's Top Ten Tuesday prompt was all about either the past or the future. I chose the first, because I love history! I am a huge history geek, and historic fiction is one of my favourite genres, hands down! I love how we get to explore history through a fictional story set in that time period and location, and here are my top ten favourite historic fiction books!

P.S - Plus historical romances - especially those set in the highlands - have the hottest heroes ever! :P

1. Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers

Set in France, this book traces the story of a female assassin who finds herself dragged into a political game involving murders, betrayals and romance, Grave Mercy is a terrific fantasy with an awesome romance! I loved how the author gives us an insight of the political tension of the 1400s, and the MC was so fabulous!

2. Firelight by Kristen Callihan

This is an underrated, beautifully written, enthralling fantasy set in the 1880s, in London. Firelight was what Beauty and the Beast would have been like if it was set in Victorian Era England. Plus the romance in this book was terrific! 

3. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

The Book Thief needs no introduction! :D I loved this beautiful story set in Germany during World War 2, and it is hands down one of my favourite books ever, with its heart breaking portrayal of life, death and hope.

4. The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever by Julia Quinn

Julia Quinn is my go to author when I need a fun historical fic. Despite being set in the regency era England, a period of etiquette and strict social norms, her books are hilarious with delightful main characters! This book is far by my favourite of hers, and it's as emotional as it's funny.

5. Annie's Song by Catherine Anderson

A western, set in Oregon during the 1890s, Annie's Song is a story of a deaf girl who is believed to be mad and is raped. It is a beautiful love story between Annie - the girl in question - and her rapist's brother - so unconventional, and powerful. This book is so emotional, and the romance will make you experience all the intense feels!!!

6. Any highland romance written by Maya Banks

I have a huge soft spot for highland romances, and Maya Banks writes some of the best! I love her McCabe brothers trilogy, her Montgomerys and Armstrongs series etc. She writes emotional and beautiful love stories with characters of a wide range of personalities. Her romances are also scorching hot and highly shippable!

7. A Kingdom of Dreams by Judith McNaught

I am slowly getting sucked into McNaught land, and so far, A Kingdom of Dreams is my favourite! A medieval romance set during the 1490s in England, this is a glorious love story of two strong willed and wonderful characters, and is a picture perfect emotional rollercoaster!

8. Legacy of Kings by Eleanor Herman

The story of Alexander the Great, this book traces back to Greece during his teen years. A thrilling and action packed epic fantasy, Legacy of Kings shows the story of a hero in the making, surrounded by betrayals, plotting, magic, revelations and battles.

9. Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold by Ellen O'Connell

Another Western, this one set in Colorado during 1885, this book tells the story of a man who is an outcast because of his mixed heritage - his father is a white man while his mother is from a Native American tribe - and the woman who dared to love him. A raw and emotional romance, this story describes the prejudices and judgements that come with one's birth and actions. 

10. The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S.Lewis

Narnia is one of the first series I remember reading, and I loved it to death! The creative and magical story of 4 children who escape to a fantasical land from a war torn Europe, these books made me try jumping into wardrobes often when I was a child, and I am pretty sure that Edmund Pevensie was my first official fictional crush :D

Do you like historical fiction? What are your favourite books in the genre? Recs are welcomed!
Plus, feel feel to link back to your TTT list!

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