Mar 2, 2016

Catching up with 2016.....

Before I start with anything else, let me break it to you that this post was a pure spontaneous decision. I was just staring at my computer screen, uninspired, a blank page in front me, wondering what in the hell I am going to write, while frantically searching through my notebook pages hoping I have some idea written down to spark something in me. 

I didn't find anything. 

All I did was, for a moment, ponder on how fast have two months flown by, and how I feel like I've accomplished nothing. There are days when I am suffocated by the workload, and then there are those, where I can't even make myself get up from bed and my phone. Twitter seems like a best friend I am drifting apart from, and my blog makes me feel as if I am going through a tough phase in a relationship, and while I know for sure that I'll bounce back eventually, I can't help but feel horrible right now.

So I decided to talk about how 2016 has gone by. I knew that I've been singing sob stories in our Fairytales Reports, but I wanted to share the little things, that I would've shared on twitter if I were more active, mentioned on the blog if I hadn't been too scatter brained.

  • I am struggling with plot holes in my WIP. As it's an alternative rendition of the Indus Valley Civilization, I am taking some wild and sometimes risky twists and turns with the story, and I often get hit with plot holes. And I am too OCD-ish to ignore them and focus on reaching to the end, and I am sure that my WIP is going to be on progress for years with the way I am going.
  • I've started attending parties this year, and they're actually pretty fun! I've never been one for dressing up and dwelling on the dance floor, but this year, I've willed myself to go out more. I still can't dance to save my life though! :)
  • I've started experimenting with lettering. I am no expert, but I am so intrigued by fonts and typography that I wanted to try out some on my own. I mostly just use them for bookstagram and to adorn my bullet journal.
  • I feel like I am drifting apart from my best friends. One of them switched schools for A/Levels, while the other is still in school, but chose a different subject combinations. I barely see them, and I feel like our passions and outlooks are taking us away from each other. On the bright side, I am getting really closer to my new classmates, while acquiring some really good friends!
  • My cousin is going to get married. She is 23 and is the last one of my unmarried cousins, and every family conversation is centered on wedding talks and preparations these days.
  • I am pushing my physical limitations. I've always been a kid who gets easily tired, and I've had breathing problems since I was small, and that combined with my tourette syndrome, limits me a lot when it comes physical work and exercises. This year, I made a pledge to myself, that I'll challenge those limitations, and I am happy to see that I am doing good on that front.
  • I cut my hair. It's up to my shoulders and I like it. I think I am going to maintain it in the same length here after.
  • I've been binge watching some TV shows. Some of them are Indian soap operas most of you wouldn't recognize, plus, I am bingeing How to Get Away With Murder, Big Bang Theory, Jane the Virgin, One Tree Hill and rewatching Criminal Minds. I am planning to start watching Gotham and Jessica Jones soon, as the premises of both shows intrigue me quite a lot!
  • I caught up with all the Oscar movies, and found some favourites! This year's frontrunners are far better than last one's, and my favs so far are Room, Spotlight, Inside Out, The Danish Girl and Mad Max Fury Road. I also adored Creed and Ex Machina!
  • I am putting more effort into instagram. While I am still on experimenting stages on my bookstagram - capturetheread - I also opened a personal one - nefarioustales. I am developing a new passion in photography, though I have a long way to go to be called good.
  • I am falling in and out of reading slumps, and it's largely due to the lack of time. 
  • I am making final plans for my BEA trip in May, and am currently working on my VISA. 
  • I am also bingeing old seasons of The Voice. I really love the show, and it's becoming my new form of procrastination.
Well, that's all I can think of for now. I am hoping that it would get all better. That I would be myself soon. I certainly miss social media, the blog and conversing with you all. Hopefully it wouldn't take long for me come back in full form, but until then, just bear with me...

Love you all.

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