Mar 12, 2016

Fairytales Report #14

Hey guys! Guess who's back from the dead?????

Yes, yours truly, the amazing Mishma has officially bounced back! I am back in full form, and slowly catching up with blogging.

Oh and I guess, we have to keep our Report short today, as my co blogger is still buried in school work, and I am a bit slow at my blogging game after weeks of having a hectic schedule.



Moment of truth. The last time I read a book, it was February....*hangs head in shame* But I am getting better, as I have started to read a few ARCs, and hopefully will catch up soon.

Currently Reading

Great Hunt by Wendy Higgins
Into the Dim by Janet B.Taylor




Personal Posts

We shall have no "Around the Blogosphere" and "Bookish and Blogging Community News" as I myself haven't made a proper rounds yet.



1. Our Sportsmeet was awesome!!!! Being a prefect dumped a heftload of work on my shoulders, which was the reason why I was barely present in twitter or in the blog. But it's all over now, and it was amazing!!! My house managed to come in second, and overall, it was the best experience ever! I was physically and mentally tired and fed up at times, but I would never forget the days of hardwork we put to make the day a success!

2. My cousin is getting married! She's my favourite cousin, and while I'll be sad to see her leave the family, I am so excited! It's scheduled to be in June, and since our weddings tend to go on for a week with tons of traditions and rituals, I'll try to do a cover of it in the blog, as you guys might like to see how our weddings work!

That's all for today, I guess. Tell me how your weeks went! How you all coped in the absence of my fabulous presence! :P But really, tell me all the random things! I missed you all horribly!

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