Mar 7, 2016

When Your Mood Takes Over Your Reading

Hi everyone! This is Jillian, and I missed you all immensely. You have no idea how long it's been since I've been here to converse with you all. But I'm finally here today, and I can't be any happier to have gained the opportunity and time to be here right now.

Lately, things at school have taken a toll on my usual reading schedule. If you've been following along on my blog, you might have noticed a decline in my posts and even tweets. This has been a result of the stress I've been undergoing in school, which has not only affected my typical posting schedule and motivation, but also has it influenced my mood to read books. 

It disappoints me so much because nowadays, I find it difficult to pick up a book. While I still do read nowadays, it's always a struggle to find the right time where I could enjoy a book like I normally do. Luckily, though, school is ending in a few weeks (around 7 or 8 weeks), which means a 4-month summer vacation dedicated to traveling and books! And notwithstanding the time-constraint I currently have, what have been left behind are the effects of having my mood take over my reading.

(WHICH IS GRAVE I TELL YOU. Being a mood reader sucks.)

I always have to find the right time.

Let me tell you: I don't just pick another book immediately upon finishing the initial book. If I am currently stressed out from school, or I do not enjoy the book I have previously finished, I have to literally wait for my mood and happiness to kick in so I could enjoy the book right. There's a certain time to when my mood would allow me to enjoy the novel.

But what sucks is when my stress from school prolongs for lengthy amounts of time, and I always have to wait it out until I regain the right motivation for me to pick up a novel. 'Tis no joke, bookworms.

Sometimes I do awful in my Literature tests because of my mood.

Right. AND I HATE BEING A MOOD READER. It was not too long ago did I do so bad in my Literature mid-quarter on the first three Acts of Julius Caesar. The thing was: I couldn't pick up Julius Caesar. I mean, the book was just right beside me, but I couldn't get myself to open it and look at its pages.

Don't get me wrong -- I am actually very used to Shakespearean language! I've read The Merchant of Venice previously, and I've already gotten knowledge over how Shakespeare masterfully crafts his words. But my mood just wasn't letting me. In my head, I knew that I should study, but deep down, looking at the words just didn't feel so right, and reading it only made me stressed out all the more!

I can't enjoy my books.


And when I try to force myself to actually read a book? It just doesn't feel right! I literally CANNOT read it and enjoy it right if my mood wouldn't let me. It doesn't matter how much action is packed inside the book, or how many promising twists it holds in its synopsis. If you even give me a copy of J.K. Rowling's The Cursed Child and I'm not on the mood, THERE'S NO WAY AM I EVER TO GOING TO LIKE IT. :( I am eventually going to get bored easily.

Basically, being a mood reader is awful, but there's no changing the fact that I am. Are you a mood reader? How do you overcome your mood to be able to read books?

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