Apr 24, 2016

Nefarious Tales #7 || The checklist for a perfect villain

Hi guys!

Today's the last day of Nefarious Tales! The week has just flown by! While we come to the end of the villain week, I want to thank all the bloggers who joined the tour and posted about their love for villains in their blogs along with me! Thanks for everyone who participated in the twitter chat! Special thanks to Jillian who designed the banner and Nova who gave the encouragement for me to execute this crazy idea when I first bounced off my ideas on her! THANK YOU EVERYONE! 

As I like to call myself a villain expert, and have read about quite a number of villains to pick a good one from a mediocre one, today I like to share my checklist for a perfect villain!


Apr 23, 2016

Nefarious Tales #6 || Where are YA's villain protagonists?

It's Day 6 of Nefarious Tales! There's only one more day of the event, I almost can't believe it!

Today, I like to talk about villain protagonists. Such a juxtaposition of a term, aren't villains supposed to be antagonists, you might ask, but these bad guys are a special type of literary character! Protagonists of their own story, but a 100% villain in everyone's eyes, these characters stand true to the fact that villains are heroes of their own stories!

Apr 22, 2016

Nefarious Tales #5 || Types of Villains

Hi guys!!! 

It's Day 5 of Nefarious Tales! How's the villain week going so far? Are you all enjoying it?

Also, before I start the post, let me remind you that the #NefariousTales twitter chat will be today at 7 PM EST! Don'r forget to grab the hashtag and join in! :)

Villains are a type of character which features quite a lot of tropes! From the 100% evil to the antiheroes, from the masterminds to the not-so-bright-ones, we can go on categorizing villains and the list will be endless! So today, I am going to list down the types of villains we generally meet in books and movies!

Apr 21, 2016

Nefarious Tales #4 || When villains break into songs...

As a huge fan of villains, I've always loved villain songs. I am always super delighted when I find out that a villain in a Disney movie or a musical has a song, because, what can be better than watching the villain singing his evil plans and showcase his villainy as well as his singing chops?

So here are my favourite villain songs, the catchiest and the most amazing!

Apr 20, 2016

Nefarious Tales #3 | Jillian's Favorite Disney Villains

Hi everyone! This is Jillian, and I am so excited to take over for the third day of Nefarious Tales, hosted by the coolest co-blogger ever, Mishma. 

It didn't honestly take so long for me to decide on what to write about for today's post because what came into my mind initially were villains, obviously. And not just regular villains, but those that originated from Disney shows. Growing up, I've always been a fan of Disney. And what better way to celebrate for this event with both Disney and villains?! So here I am to present to you all some of my personal favorite Disney villains!

Apr 19, 2016

Nefarious Tales #2 || Let's talk about antiheroes!

Hi everyone!

It's Day 2 of Nefarious Tales, and today I am going to talk about a type of character who sits in the firm line between hero and villain - antiheroes!

As a literature student, and a character snob, I've always adored these multi layered and complicated characters, and today, I am going to talk about the factors that define a character as an antihero, and why I love them!

Apr 18, 2016

Nefarious Tales #1 || I'd totally join the dark side for these guys....

Nefarious Tales is officially here, and are you guys as excited as I am??? :D

As we're going to spend this whole week talking about villains, I thought it would be great if I come clean and list out all my favourite fictional villains! This will be a giant list of all my favourite bad guys, though I am not including anyone from movies, as it would be a list for another day! :D

Without further ado, let me present to you my favourite villains and the reasons why I love them!

P.S - There might be spoilers here and there. 

Apr 17, 2016

Kicking off Nefarious Tales : A week to celebrate villains

Hi guys!!!

Nefarious Tales - the villain week I've been brainstorming and putting together for a while now - is finally here!!!

It starts from tomorrow and will go on until the 24th! Let's kick off a week full of villainy and evil goodness!!!!

You'll see villain related posts on the blog this whole week, and here's what you can look forward to!

Apr 12, 2016

LGBTQIA + Erasure in the book blogging community || Chiara @ Books for a Delicate Eternity

Hey everyone!

As we're now in the second season of Diverse Reads 2016, where we highlight LGBTQIA books, today I have Chiara from Books for a Delicate Eternity over to talk about the genre and the erasure in the book blogging community!

Apr 9, 2016

Diverse Reads 2016 Seasonal Link Up - #2

Hi everyone!!!

It's April, the month which is supposed to be rainy but is burning hot here instead! But it also means that we have officially stepped into the second season of Diverse Reads 2016!

The first season of our challenge was all about ethnic diversity, and this season, starting from April and going on till June will be all about LGBTQIA+ books!!!

If you haven't signed up for the challenge yet, go do the deed soon! You can sign up here!

Also, don't forget to link up all your remaining ethnically diverse reviews and discussions belonging to last season over at the first season link up

And if you want to contribute to the challenge in the form of a guest post, you can do so here!

And I have an exciting announcement to make as well!!!

Shelly and I are hosting our first ever twitter chat of the challenge on the 10th of April 2016, at 8 pm EST!!!

Don't forget to grab the hashtag #DiverseReads2016 and discuss diversity with us!

Having said that, here's the link up for season two, link up your LGBTQIA reviews and discussions!!!

Apr 2, 2016

Announcing Nefarious Tales : A week to celebrate villains!

I have never made it a secret that I love villains. A lot. My love for the bad guys is evident in my flailing in twitter and my rants on the blog. So I thought that it was fit that I dedicate a whole week to celebrate my favourite type of characters : villains!

After some brainstorming and some discussions in twitter, I came up with an idea to host a week long blog tour, where I invite bloggers to share their love for the bad guys in their respective blogs while I flail about them over here at Chasing Faerytales! 

This event is going to be called Nefarious Tales, and it's going to go on from the 18th of April to the 24th!!!!