Apr 2, 2016

Announcing Nefarious Tales : A week to celebrate villains!

I have never made it a secret that I love villains. A lot. My love for the bad guys is evident in my flailing in twitter and my rants on the blog. So I thought that it was fit that I dedicate a whole week to celebrate my favourite type of characters : villains!

After some brainstorming and some discussions in twitter, I came up with an idea to host a week long blog tour, where I invite bloggers to share their love for the bad guys in their respective blogs while I flail about them over here at Chasing Faerytales! 

This event is going to be called Nefarious Tales, and it's going to go on from the 18th of April to the 24th!!!!

So like I said above, this week will be full of villain talk. And I want you guys to sign up to be a part of this event, get a slot for yourself and curate a villainy post at your blog as well!

There's no hard and fast rules on what your post has to entail, I am fine with it as long as you talk about villains, antiheroes and antagonists of any form!

Here are some post ideas you can grab if you want!

  • Fave YA Villains
  • I wouldn't mind joining the dark side for these villains
  • Fave Disney Villains
  • Types of villains
  • Why we love villains
  • Villains whose backstories I'd like to read
  • YA Villains fancasting
  • Best Antiheroes
  • Villain checklist
That's just a list I came up with, you can talk about anything you want!

Now go on...Sign up!!!!

Sign ups are open until the 11th of April!

Throughout the week, there'll be a grand prize giveaway, and if you guys are willing, you can host your own giveaways as well!

Plus, all the participants will receive a small something from me...it's a secret, but I am sure you guys will like it! :)

That's not it!!! By the end of the week, I'm also planning to host a twitter chat!!! The exact time and date will be announced later, but don't forget to join in!!!

So what now??? Sign up for the villain week and spread the word!!! You can use the hashtag #nefarioustales if you want!

Let me know if you have any questions or comments!!!

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