Apr 9, 2016

Diverse Reads 2016 Seasonal Link Up - #2

Hi everyone!!!

It's April, the month which is supposed to be rainy but is burning hot here instead! But it also means that we have officially stepped into the second season of Diverse Reads 2016!

The first season of our challenge was all about ethnic diversity, and this season, starting from April and going on till June will be all about LGBTQIA+ books!!!

If you haven't signed up for the challenge yet, go do the deed soon! You can sign up here!

Also, don't forget to link up all your remaining ethnically diverse reviews and discussions belonging to last season over at the first season link up

And if you want to contribute to the challenge in the form of a guest post, you can do so here!

And I have an exciting announcement to make as well!!!

Shelly and I are hosting our first ever twitter chat of the challenge on the 10th of April 2016, at 8 pm EST!!!

Don't forget to grab the hashtag #DiverseReads2016 and discuss diversity with us!

Having said that, here's the link up for season two, link up your LGBTQIA reviews and discussions!!!

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