Apr 17, 2016

Nefarious Tales #1 || I'd totally join the dark side for these guys....

Nefarious Tales is officially here, and are you guys as excited as I am??? :D

As we're going to spend this whole week talking about villains, I thought it would be great if I come clean and list out all my favourite fictional villains! This will be a giant list of all my favourite bad guys, though I am not including anyone from movies, as it would be a list for another day! :D

Without further ado, let me present to you my favourite villains and the reasons why I love them!

P.S - There might be spoilers here and there. 

The Darkling ( Grisha Trilogy)

The Darkling is your ideal YA villain. Powerful, ambitious, ruthless, manipulative, cunning, deadly and so damn hot! It is only fair to admit that at one point we were also fooled by the charms of this dark villain along with Alina, and got our hearts broken when we learned his true nature. And his dynamics and chemistry with Alina doesn't hurt either, even now, I can totally fantasize about a reality where Alina decided to join the Darkling - now THAT would be a power couple!

Maven ( Red Queen )

Now, Red Queen and I have our issues. But Maven was this book's lifesaver. He was probably the only interesting character in the book for me, and when his true colours were revealed, I was equally heartbroken and excited. Like The Darkling, Maven is a villain who will fool you for a major part of the story, making you doubt everything.

Eli Ever ( Vicious )

Despite the fact that Victor is the most talked about character of this book - for his antiheroic personality - Eli is the true villain of Vicious. And he's certainly one of the most dangerous ones I've ever read. The thing about Eli is that he believes himself to be a hero. To me, that's what makes a villain more dangerous than anyone else. He has reasons for his villainy, and until his last breath, he will believe that what he did was right. Eli Ever is a villain who will have no redemption, making him scarier and more unstable.

Queen Irina ( Shadow Queen )

C.J.Redwine's Shadow Queen saw a dark twist to the story of Snow White. And one of the most interesting aspects is the character of Queen Irina. She's beautiful, dangerous and utterly terrifying. But what makes her character shine is that she is a victim of her own villainy. Her need for vengeance and power destroys her own life, her chance for a happy ending and more than anything, a source of unconditional love.

Astrid and Athos Dane ( A Darker Shade of Magic )

This sister and brother duo totally gave me the chills. Highly manipulative villains who play with minds always make me uneasy, and these siblings are pros at that game. *shudders*

President Snow ( Hunger Games )

Now he is a villain who truly knows people's weaknesses. And preys on them. It's like he gets more and more deadly with each book, and it's fascinating to see how far a man would go to break the spirits of people and push them to their limits. The moment he utters that hope is stronger than fear, I knew that he was a man to look out for.

Warner ( Shatter Me )

He might have had a total change of character by the second book, but in Shatter Me, he was the perfect villain. Seductive and ruthless, Warner makes us all hate him, until we realize the vulnerable side of him in Destroy Me, and forget all the hatred and fall head over heels in love. 

White Witch ( Narnia)

Her cruelty towards Aslan is enough to make me hate her forever....But, we also have to admit that she's a badass villain. She made ice powers cool before Elsa, and her alliances are quite....interesting. But I think what makes her truly deadly is her power over Edmund. How she preys on the insecurities and ambitions of a rebellious pre teen boy is truly remarkable to read!

Capricorn ( Inkheart )

While the movie - which was terrible, really - butchered his character, in the book, Capricorn is a strong and selfish villain. His villainy is the result of parents who wanted him to be tough. It's like a slap in their face when he not only grows up to be tough, but also a deadly and powerful villain. 

Trunchbull ( Matilda )

Trunchbull might pale in comparison with regards to power and deadliness, but if a villain from this list actually terrified me to death, that would be Trunchbull. She was, in short, the terror of my childhood. I think what makes her so terrifying is that she's so relatable. She's a strong caricature of authority figures in school. Come on, I am sure, we would've had at least one Trunchbull in our lives!

I also think this one of her most iconic moments. It perfectly captures what's wrong with all the adults in the world.

Owen ( The Archived )

The third Schwab villain on the list is another villain whose reveal you never saw coming. He's so charming and believable, and he makes you believe him throughout the novel. The moment you realize that he's indeed the villain is so chilling, and with Mackenzie, we feel betrayed ourselves.

Matt ( Deadly Little Secrets )

Another "closer to the end villain reveal", Matt is more predictable than the villains listed here, but his psychopathic and unstable nature makes up for it. Matt is the typical crazy ex boy friend, though he does take it to a far more creepier level. The book also has chapters in his POV, and the narration of a psychopath watching his prey from a distance and relate everything he wants to do to her in a painfully descriptive manner is quite chilling.

Lord Voldemort ( Harry Potter )

How would this list be complete without the Dark Lord himself? Voldemort is a significant evil symbol of our childhoods, and the depth in his character makes him all the more deadly and enigmatic. A man who never knew love, whose thirst for ambition and power drove him to destruction and a perfect example for talent and potential being succumbed to the dark side, Voldemort is a true villain, whose evilness was a huge aspect which played a part in the depth of the series.

Queen Levana ( Cinder )

She is one villain whose backstory doesn't make us sympathize, but rather realize how deeply chaotic and messed up her character is. She is a truly glorious villain, and is determined to hide all her vulnerability - literally and figuratively. 

Astley ( Need )

He turns into an antihero and then a love interest during the course of the series, but when we meet him in the second book, he's undeniably a villain. Astley is seductive and powerful, and long story short a less deadly and underrated version of The Darkling.

So there you go! :D Those are my favourite bad guys from fiction! Who are your favourite villains? Do we share any favs?

Also, don't forget to check out the rest of the stops for today! 

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