Apr 19, 2016

Nefarious Tales #3 | Jillian's Favorite Disney Villains

Hi everyone! This is Jillian, and I am so excited to take over for the third day of Nefarious Tales, hosted by the coolest co-blogger ever, Mishma. 

It didn't honestly take so long for me to decide on what to write about for today's post because what came into my mind initially were villains, obviously. And not just regular villains, but those that originated from Disney shows. Growing up, I've always been a fan of Disney. And what better way to celebrate for this event with both Disney and villains?! So here I am to present to you all some of my personal favorite Disney villains!


Say hello to Yzma, who was the villain in Emperor's New Groove. (Anyone here who still remembers this really old TV show? Hmmm?) I absolutely loved this cartoon when I was growing up, and I actually found Yzma to be a very amusing villain in this show. Despite her cruel conspiracies against Kuzco in the TV series, I was always amused by her wit, recklessness, and humor throughout the show. I mean, don't you agree? Of course she was wickedly evil, but I absolutely (and oddly) adore her so much! She was such a good laugh.


Seriously... THIS GUY HAD ME. While I was incredibly irked by the unrealistic insta-love that Frozen manifested between the relationship of Anna and Hans, I actually really liked Hans in the beginning because I thought he was really sweet! I thought he was perfect for Anna initially!

Little did I know that I was fooled eventually because this guy, it turns out, was a villain who was plotting against Elsa in the movie. My impression of him faded almost instantaneously, but despite his pure cruelty towards the end, I actually have him to thank for driving the story forward. I swear, this guy makes such an interesting villain! It's mostly because I loved the concept of betrayal in this movie, and without his betrayal in the end, the story wouldn't have reached its climax in the first place.

So hurray for Hans! He made such a good villain because he really did put in so much intensity in the story when I found out his true intentions.


This guy, I swear... I LOVE HIM. Haha. I honestly don't care how evil he was in Disney's Hercules, but I loved him so much for his humor! I have to say that he might even be my #1 favorite Disney villain ever, simply because he really made me laugh while I was watching the film. And an added bonus goes to his incredibly relatable Tumblr GIFs that I see online. This guy's a laugh, and I love him immensely for that! Never mind his wickedness!


I honestly don't even know why I picked her, but she makes quite an interesting villain! An ugly octopus amidst the depths of the ocean, yearning nothing more but Ariel's voice to be kept as her own. And in exchange of Ariel's voice, an agreement must be made that she be made a human -- a wish that Ariel had been longing for for so long!

Albeit hideous and slightly annoying, I love how she contributes to the story of The Little Mermaid. The plot line of The Little Mermaid, for me, is one of the most unique stories I've known, and I absolutely adore the conflict, the romance, and the idea of family in it. Ursula makes a good villain in this one too!


Oh my. The Big Bad Wolf is just an adorable villain in The Three Little Pigs! I remember watching this when I was 5 or 6, and just looking at it again makes me feel very nostalgic because I missed this so much. What I loved about the Big Bad Wolf was that he was very clumsy, and no matter how resourceful he was in trying to think up of clever tactics to capture Little Red Riding Hood and the three pigs, he just failed miserably. I don't feel any bit of sympathy for him, but he's such a funny villain that it's hard not to hate him.

I mean he's so adorable! LOOK AT HIM.

I'm not sure if all of you have seen this, but I'm sure that at least some of you already have. The video below comes from Walt Disney's Silly Symphonies (The Three Little Pigs version), which is the same one from 1933 that Disney presented back in those days when Disney was still cool. I looked this up in YouTube, and I'm incredibly happy to have come across it! I dare you all to watch it if you haven't. And if you have already in the past, doesn't it make you feel nostalgic and happy?

Here is the 1933 Disney Silly Symphony of The Three Little Pigs:

Those are all my favorite Disney villains, although I might have even more! Don't forget to follow along with these lovely people, who will also take part in Nefarious Tales as well.

Who are your favorite Disney villains?

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