Apr 20, 2016

Nefarious Tales #4 || When villains break into songs...

As a huge fan of villains, I've always loved villain songs. I am always super delighted when I find out that a villain in a Disney movie or a musical has a song, because, what can be better than watching the villain singing his evil plans and showcase his villainy as well as his singing chops?

So here are my favourite villain songs, the catchiest and the most amazing!

Be Prepared - Lion King

This has to be my ultimate favourite out of this list! When Scar breaks out into this song that explains his evil plans, his jealousy and his desire to be king, he does it with so much malice and sass. And Jeremy Irons' voice is perfection! Plus, it is said that this song is designed after Hitler and the nazis, especially since Scar promises the hyenas the same thing that Hitler offered the Germans - food and dignity.

I put a spell on you - Hocus Pocus

This witchy song is so catchy! Unlike the movie's other song, Come Little Children, which hypnotizes everyone with its seductive and soothing tone, this one does the deed with its upbeat nature! 

In the Dark of the Night - Anastasia

Rasputin sings about his plans regarding Anastasia, in this deliciously evil and dark song. This movie and this villain needs more love, period!

Magic Dance - Labyrinth

Even now, I really can't understand Jareth's motives. But that doesn't mean, I love him less as a villain. One of the main reasons is David Bowie's charms that made this villain so delightful! And obviously a villain song by him is going to amazing! And if I remember correctly, the moves from the song were quite smooth as well!

The point of no return - The Phantom of the Opera

This song describes the phantom as a villain perfectly - seductive, smooth and mysterious. That point when we, and those who are standing around the stage realize that Christine is not acting, is when we know that we are all lost to the Phantom's temptations.

My Lullaby - Lion King 2

Scar's mate is no less than him when it comes to whipping out a killer villain song. Zira's lullaby to Kovu is filled with vengeance, and her evilness and need for revenge shines through the words and the music.

Pretty Women - Sweeney Todd

What's more glorious than a villain song? Well, a villain AND an antihero breaking into one together. Moments before the villain's death. And especially when the said antihero and villain are Johnny Depp and Alan Rickman. Pretty Women is a light song on its own, but sang by these two, in that exact situation, makes it so intense, dark and powerful!

The World's Greatest Criminal Mind - The Great Mouse Detective

From a criminally underrated Disney film, comes another underrated villain song. I loved this movie as kid, and this song was so catchy that it never left my lips. 

Cell Block Tango - Chicago

I don't know whether one can classify this as a villain song, but what else would you call a song where six women confess how they murdered their husbands and pronounce that the husbands "had it coming"?

Hellfire - The Hunchback of Notre Dame

This song has to be the darkest moment I've ever seen in a Disney movie. Frollo's song describes how he blames his lust on the woman, for tempting him and deviating him from God's path, and wants her to burn in hellfire for it. Hellfire captures the dangerous and scary attitude of a chauvinistic villain who hides behind his religion.

Rotten to the Core - Descendants

Rotten to the Core is just so catchy! Descendants was such a quirky movie, and the song fits the mood perfectly! 

What are your favourite villain songs? 

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