Apr 22, 2016

Nefarious Tales #5 || Types of Villains

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It's Day 5 of Nefarious Tales! How's the villain week going so far? Are you all enjoying it?

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Villains are a type of character which features quite a lot of tropes! From the 100% evil to the antiheroes, from the masterminds to the not-so-bright-ones, we can go on categorizing villains and the list will be endless! So today, I am going to list down the types of villains we generally meet in books and movies!

1. The Antiheroes

These guys are not quite the villains, but rather protagonists with ambiguous morality. They manage to do evil deeds while making the reader and audience root for them! Check out this post which I dedicated totally for these characters

2. The Childhood Nightmares

Whoever said that children's books are supposed to be light and nice, lied. They feature some of the most terrifying villains, and they scare us kids for life! We'll never forget these baddies who haunted us as children and gave us nightmares!

3. The Masterminds

Whether they are mad scientists or pick pockets, these villains whip up plans and tricks that will never fail to stun us! Their genius plans never fail, and even if they do, they never falter, rather come up with something equally clever in a second!

4. Aww, Poor Baby!

These ones have a tragic backstory that will immediately make us lose all the hatred we were harboring towards them up until that point! You wish that all the bad things that happened to them never happened, and that you were able to whisk them away from their tragic life. In the end, you just don't want to hate these guys.

5. The Queen Bee

Let's shift the focus to high school, shall we? I am talking about that perfect, rich, spoilt and gorgeous most popular girl in school that gives our heroine hell. Most of the time, they're blonde, and most probably they'd be an ex or the current girlfriend of the love interest, or at least trying her best to be the latter! This is such a cliche trope, but YA never seems to let it go.

6. The Golden Boy

Let's stay in high school and shift the attention to the guys. Here we see the most popular guy, either a football quarterback or a wealthy jock. These guys are just assholes. Sometimes they become the antagonists because they cheat on our main girl, or because they give troubles to the love interest. And at times, these guys can be utterly creepy and dangerous by attempting blackmail, rape etc.

7. The Arch Nemesis

These are the Draco Malfoys to our Harry Potters. The arch nemesis hates our hero, and most of the time, the reason is jealousy. And at times, our hero and the arch nemesis has so much tension, you almost start to ship them!

8. The Femme Fatale

The beautiful, seductive, and plain evil woman. These ones are dangerous, I tell you! While I wish they had more stable backstories other than the usual rape and revenge, they are delightful to read and watch! 

9. The Power Seekers

These villains don't need backstories or the readers' sympathy. They just want power. These heroes are driven by their ambition and the desire for the highest glory. They'll do anything to reach their goal, and it's fascinating to see the intensity of their ambition

10. The Authority Figures

They are the cruel kings, the evil queens, the corrupt politicians and the ruthless presidents. They are powerful, selfish and will give no space for rebellion. These kind of villains are scary because they are relatable. 

11. The Beasts

Now I am talking about the dragons, the aliens and the jabberwockies. Whether acting on their own or controlled by a higher villain, these beasts give the main characters a hard time, and the hero's journey either evolves around eradicating them, or the final climax creates an inevitable meeting between the two forces.

12. The Henchman

These are the sidekicks that we adore! Whether they are as adorable as the minions or as tragic as ADSOM's Holland, sometimes the henchman manages to capture the readers' hearts despite having lesser screen - or rather page - time than the other characters.

13. Truly Terrifying

Now these villains are just 100% scary. They have no reason, no excuses and no redemption. They are - long story short - the personification of evil. They hunt puppies for fur, kill people for fun and will scare us for life.

14. The psychopaths

Psychopaths are fascinating. But you would never ever want to be stuck in a dark alley with them. *shudders* They are creative, has no set plans or agenda, and quite interesting characters to read and watch.

15. The Supervillains

With evilness, they have superpowers to match! Speed, mind control, strength or shapeshifting abilities - whatever their powers are, they definitely give the hero a hard time. We fear their powers, while secretly wishing we had them as well.

16. Religious Nuts

Ah, the religious ones! These ones are honestly scary because of the extent of their fanaticism, and how they justify each and every one of their evil actions in the name of religion. 

17. The Plot Twist

These villains fool the MC, as well as the readers, for a major part of the story, until their big reveal shocks us all. They are charming and believable when they pretend, and you'd have never seen the truth coming. Additional points if they managed to make the main character fall in love with or develop feelings for them.

18. All That Sass

You cannot help but admire these villains' sass. Their insults are so good, and their one liners outstanding, that for a moment you forget that these silver toungues are the villains, and whistle for them.

19. The U Turns

This is when the bad guys turn good and vice versa. They experience a complete U turn in their journey, and become totally different people. Either it's always been in them, and the hero and the character in question only realize that halfway through the story, or an event/ something plotwise changed him/her for the better. Or for the worst.

20. Evil is sexy

The unfairness! "Villains shouldn't be this hot", we start to think, when we meet these baddies who are too hot for their own good, that despite all our rational decisions, that fangirl in us starts to swoon for them.

There you go! Do you agree with my list? What are your favourite villain types?

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