May 28, 2016

Mish Went to BEA || Day Two

Hey guys! 

I am back with my BEA recaps, and today, I am tackling the craziness that was Day Two!

Let's get down to business!

I knew for a fact that Day Two was going to be chaotic. But I have to admit that I didn't expect the level of craziness. *cough* Macmillan Stampede *cough* But I enjoyed it all the same, because it was technically my first proper day on the show floor, as I spent most of my first day at Blogger Con.

Despite making calculated plans on the previous day, Rashika, Nori, CJ and I slept in! :D When we actually woke up, we got ready in a rush and left while I was moaning to myself about how I still looked like a zombie. When we reached the floor, we realized that there's a loooong line waiting for it to open. Fortunately Val and Holly kept space for us in the line, and we joined in and took a Starbucks break.

My first signing - Of Fire and Stars - was at 10, so I wasn't in a rush to go in. Still when I reached the table, the line was really short, so I kept a place to myself, and ventured out to look for anything exciting. There were quite a few drops in the morning, and I snatched the Strange the Dreamer sampler - which came with its own golden bag, which was gorgeous - and Our Chemical Hearts. I also picked up a tote from Penguin which said "I have so many problems and no body even cares" but unfortunately left it back at the hotel and came when I packed :/ But I brought these home, though!

I was bored of waiting in line, so I started roaming around, and met Katie and Pili! I chatted with them for a while, and then went back to the line and hung out with Holly. I was also thinking of trying my luck at the Crooked Kingdom signing, but the line was already too long at 9.30, and changed my decision instantly.

I also saw quite a few bloggers I know in the signing line, but was too shy to start talking to them. Tbh, this happened a lot throughout BEA, and I am kinda disappointed at myself for not being brave enough. :/

Then it was 10, and I was super excited to meet Audrey as her book is hands down one of my most awaited reads of this year! It was also technically my first ever signing, so I was so giddy and excited.
Audrey was so sweet, and though I couldn't chat with her much then, I hung out with her the next day, and at Bookcon! She was so cool!

After the signing, I opted to roam around again, and saw Nicole. She was picking up a book for her daughter, and we chatted a bit. I also saw Stephanie in the line next to hers, and hopped in there to talk to her. And then I set off to another signing, which was a Middle Grade LGBT book, which I knew I have to get, as soon as I heard about it!

The line for Island of Beyond was small, so I went off to check out the cool mini bus - The Story Shop! It was so cute! I only took a picture with it the next day though! :)

When I went to the signing, I discovered that the author has actually studied in Sri Lanka! Apparently she spent a good chunk of her childhood here, and it was an amazing co incidence! We were chatting about my country and the food and all kind of random things, and it made me miss home even more!

After her signing, I went around to Bloomsbury where they were dropping Stealing Snow. I decided against joining the line, as it was already too long. I chatted with the people there for a while, and finally took a pic with Shelly, as we couldn't the day before!

I went back to the autographing area after that, and chatted with Steph a bit, and went and lined up for Empire of Dust. I saw Whitley in the line, and chatted with her for a bit. I actually met her earlier that day, but didn't recognize her as Whitley! It was a facepalm moment when I actually did, and I felt so bad! I also started chatting with Tiffany, who was standing behind me, and then saw Bayram in my line, and talked to him as well, before our line started to move.

I was super excited to meet Eleanor Herman, as I loved Legacy of Kings, and she's seriously one of the sweetest authors I've ever met! When it was my turn, she recognized me, and it was amazing! :D We took a selfie which she later tweeted out, and chatted for a bit about LoK and she asked me to come by her Harlequin signing later that day so we could hang out more!

After that signing, I practically had nothing to do. It was around 11.45 and I didn't have anything to do until 1, so I thought of roaming around the show floor a bit. But when I went near the Macmillan booth, I saw a line of around six or seven people next to it, and asked them what they were lining up for since I knew for a fact that there weren't any exciting signings around that time. Imagine my surprise when they told it was for the Macmillan ticket drop! The freaking drop didn't start until 1, but there was already a line! I didn't know whether to stand there or go do something else since there was a good hour before the drop. I decided to go look for my roommates, and went around the Penguin booth, where everyone was sitting. When I let them know that the line has already started, we decided to go and stand there, and when we came near Macmillan, there were around 15 people in the line now! It was crazy! As time went, more people started lining up, even though the line wasn't official, and the funniest part was when people asked us what we are standing in line for! :) It was funny to explain!

Though the wait was frustrating, especially since it wasn't even an official line, and we didn't know whether waiting in the line was useful or not, I got to meet a lot of bloggers standing in the line! I met Brittany and Ava, and we chatted for a while. I saw Meg, Nikki, Angie and quite a few bloggers I love, and I also befriended more people while we were all worried whether our line was the official one or not. Meanwhile, CJ, Val and I went around to the Penguin booth to get our tickets for Jennifer Niven's signing, hoping that we can make it to the signing after the drop. By the time, there were already a mob of people clustering around the booth despite the fact that there was a line - albeit unofficial one - already forming.

I also saw Hafsah in the line and we chatted a bit! I saw her tweet earlier where she said that if someone says "bananas" to her, she'll have something exciting for them! So I just casually dropped, "so what's the deal about the bananas?" and I got a notebook from her!!!Which was literally the last one she had! I felt like doing a happy dance there!!!

The yellow one is one of my fav designs of hers, so I was super happy! Also, Nori gave me the other notebook! Isn't it adorable??? :D

Then happened the infamous stampede you would've definitely heard about if you were on twitter at that time! :D Actually I was super lucky, as seconds before it happened, I was bored of standing in line, and went towards the Macmillan booth to check out their corkboard of postcards. I thought of sending myself one, to see whether it makes it back to SL, and was grabbing a postcard and pen, right when the Macmillan guy came out and stood right next to me and shouted that the line for the ticket drops starts on the OTHER SIDE OF THE FREAKING BOOTH!!!

That was one epic moment for sure! People started running to the other side of the booth even before he finished the sentence, and since I was standing near the booth at that time, I kinda didn't get killed by the stampede but rather was able to get a decent place in the line that eventually formed. It was huge, and I felt bad for those who were standing in that long line, but couldn't make it through the mad dash. Honestly, we deserve some badge that says, "I survived the Macmillan Stampede".

Macmillan only offered two tickets per person, which was at least fair, because the ones who were standing in line got at least one ticket out of the four that was being dropped. I managed to get the ticket for Heartless and Vassa in the Night and rushed back to the Penguin booth for the next signing.

Thankfully the line there wasn't long, despite the fact we were late. I guess almost half of BEA was part of the Macmillan stampede :D

That's Shannon, Val, Amber, me, CJ and Rashika!

Then I met Jennifer Niven and got a copy of Holding Up the Universe! All the Bright Places is one of my fav reads of last year, and I was so excited to meet Jennifer! She was so sweet!

After that, both CJ and I had nothing else to do until Vassa which was at 2. I also remembered that Eleanor wanted me to meet her at Harlequin, so I asked CJ whether she'll mind accompanying me there, and she was cool with it, so we made our way to Harlequin. On the way, we saw CJ's friend who was a publicist at Sourcebooks, and we were chatting with her, and she gave us copies of The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett, which was being signed at that time! By the time we made it to Harlequin, Eleanor's signing was over, so we were chatting with her about LoK. Both CJ and I were huge fans of violence - we totally bonded over that fact - so we were talking about the violence in LoK, and Eleanor gave the historian's POV on it. While we were talking, one of the publicists came over and started talking to Eleanor, so CJ and I tried to leave, but Eleanor stopped us and introduced me as her "biggest fan who came all the way from Sri Lanka". I felt so special, and someone wanted to take a pic of me and Eleanor, and only when I turned I noticed that it was Lauren freaking Oliver! :D

After that, CJ and I went over to Macmillan for the signing of Vassa in the Night. While on the line, we were chatting with the publicist about how gorgeous the cover is, and we were told that the finished copy's cover will be even more beautiful as they're going to emboss the details!

Sarah Porter was so sweet, and I started gushing about the cover to her as I was so excited to hear the news from the publicist! :) She must have thought I was weird!

After the signing, CJ and I headed to Bloomsbury, where they were revealing the cover of Empire of Storms. Bloomsbury was also having a raffle draw for ten tote bags - which was actually a bit of a failure, it dragged for a long time, with no one claiming quite a lot of raffle numbers. But still the reveal was fun, and the cover has to be one of my favs so far!

By this time, I think I've also got a bit famous. I've got a lot of questions from people asking how my flight was, and I was kinda already known as the girl who came from Sri Lanka. It was so funny! :D

Anyway, CJ and I went back to Macmillan, this time for Heartless. The line was long - as expected - but since we already had our tickets, we were quite chilled. I saw Nicole in that line, and were chatting for a while. CJ and I were sad that we were missing Adam Silvera's signing, which was at the same time, and when CJ went to check, she discovered that the line was too long and it actually wrapped around two booths!

I was also sad that I was missing the signing of
Wonder Women, which was happening right
at the next booth.
The line was too long and I decided not to risk it,
as the Heartless line was moving in a
considerably fast pace. But I managed to
get a poster from Quirk Books though!
The first thing I did when I unpacked
was to put up the poster on my wall!

I was so excited to meet Marissa, as Heartless was not only one of my most awaited books of 2016 - I mean seriously, an Alice in Wonderland retelling from Marissa Meyer, and a villain's backstory???? SIGN ME UP! - I was also a huge fan of her Lunar Chronicles, and It was a dream come to true to be able to meet her!

I actually felt a little tongue tied when I went near her, but thankfully she started talking, and she told me that my name was beautiful. And then when she realized that I am from Sri Lanka, she was visibly amazed, as were her publicists, and they were all saying that I was so brave! :D Heartless also came with an adorable red box which said Open Me on it, and they were packing it up for me like a gift and told that it was my present to take back home! ;D

Marissa looks gorgeous, while I look extremely tired! :D

After the signing, CJ and I were debating on whether to try our luck with the signing for History is All You Left Me or not, as it was already 3.45 and his signing finishes at 4. Then we thought why not, as we really didn't have anything else to do, and both of us really wanted to meet Adam! So we went over to his signing to see that the line was still so long! After staying in line for around 5 minutes, we also realized that the line wasn't moving at all. Puzzled, when we checked, we realized that Adam was literally talking to every single person for around 5 mins! He was the sweetest!

 He had also written Adam's copy and Adam's ARC on his copies! It was so cute! ;D

CJ and I met Mary in our line, and we were chatting about random things! I also thought that she had the best blog name ever!!! Since the line was super slow, we were talking about various stuff, but the highlight has to be Mary's story about how she tried a humongous burger once, which had waffles and raspberries! :D

Even the publicists around there were so sweet. At first, one of them started to count the people standing there and we got scared, thinking that they were going to cut us off. But when we asked, she said that they'll only finish the signing when everyone in line has had their chance! They were the best!

And then I met Adam, and it was so worth the wait! He started to tell me how his feet are tired and asked me whether I am tired. Well, I obviously looked it, so I told him that yes, I was extremely tired, combined with jet lag, but the excitement is holding me up. Then he discovered that I am from Sri Lanka, and that I came alone, and started gushing that I am a badass! :D He totally made my day! He also wrote that I am a badass on the book, and told me not to read the book on the plane, and to start it when I am back home, because the book is going to depress me! :)

When we departed from the signing, CJ and I swore that our life goal is to become Adam Silvera's best friend! :D

The exhaustion had caught up with us by then, and we prepared to leave the floor. We met up with our squad, who were hanging out near Macmillan, where some party was going on. They were also giving out totes filled with ARCs at Macmillan, and I got one with Caraval inside! It was such a sweet surprise!

As everyone was so tired and spent, we decided to go back to the hotel. Only when I went back, I realized that I was starving, as I haven't eaten a single bite of anything the entire day! So when we went back, I was looking forward to dinner, and we went to this burger place Rashika found, which was apparently featured on Food Network!

Dinner was amazing - well with my hunger I would've eaten anything - and on our way back to the hotel, we also went to this used book store! It was like we could never have enough books! :) CJ ended up buying a translation of Iliad, which I would've totally bought myself, if I had the money with me!

Rashika, Val and Amber split from us in the train, so it was just Nori, CJ and I after that! After we got down from the train, we had some long discussions about blogging, that we actually lost our way! :D At one point, I just went, "did we walk this far earlier?" and CJ exclaimed that we never passed a Dunkin Donuts before, and realized we are completely lost! ;D

As we tried to find our way, with the use of the phone map, we were laughing at our stupidity and exclaiming that our poor feet can't handle any more walking! It took us around 20 mins to get back to the right route after that, and it was absolutely hilarious! I was also super cold by then, and was rambling about how I want to own a brownstone house when I grow up, because they were gorgeous. Poor Nori and CJ!

When we finally reached the hotel, we went to the grocery store there so we can pick up some stuff for us to eat the next day at BEA. I was a bit too excited when I saw pringles and apple juice, and picked them up, and kind of finished my apple juice then itself. And then I also went high on apple me, you don't want to hear the rest! :D

And before, I finish off, here's my haul of Day Two!

Books not mentioned above
Girl in Pieces 

There you go, that's the story of my second day at BEA!! Don't forget to check out the blog for the recap of Day Three!

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