May 31, 2016

It's time to read proud! || Pride Month 2016

June means a lot of things! Summer for those in the west, a bit more warmer season for us easterners, and the reminder that half of the year has flown also holds a significant meaning for us diversity advocates! It's pride month!

So what is it exactly? Well, June is dedicated to celebrate the LGBTQIA community, and as readers we welcome you to celebrate LGBTQIA reads and authors!

Since Shelly and I already run a year long diverse books challenge and we are anyway in the LGBT season right now, we thought of turning the spotlight on authors and bloggers who actively support and promote LGBT fiction, and their books, during this June! 

What we have in store for you all??? Well, you can expect some exciting author interviews and guest posts and an interesting collaboration with Gay YA!

Don't forget to check out our blogs this month for exclusive content and an exciting pride month celebration!

Also, if you are thinking of joining a LGBT reading challenge for this month, don't hesitate to join in Julia Ember's - author of f/f romance, Unicorn Tracks - #ReadProud challenge!

I'll see you guys with the first post of the event soon, and until then, have a glorious pride month!

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