Jun 9, 2016

Mish Went to BEA || Bookcon

Today's the last day of my BEA recaps!!!

I feel as sad as I felt when BEA finished, as I was at least reliving the whole experience through the recaps!

Anyway, so here's my adventures, on my last day in US, a.k.a Bookcon!

I have to begin this with a confession. I totally underestimated Book con. Despite the amount of times Nori kept on telling to me that Bookcon is crazier than BEA and that it is exhausting and frustrating, I just went on thinking that she is exaggerating. ( Sorry Nori! You're allowed to say, I told you so! :D )

Saturday was a rush of a day, to say the least. I was also going home that day, so I had to pack all my belongings and settle them at the lobby before I even set out as I was planning to leave to the airport right after Bookcon. Nori and I were in a frenzy, packing up all the stuff, making sure we left nothing behind, settling our stuff at the hotel lobby - we were on wheels in the morning. We also met Shelly at the hotel lobby, and chatted for a bit before leaving for the show floor.

Then I realized that I was quite wrong with my assumptions. THE LINE WAS LOOOOOOONG!!! I mean, it was crazy! The lines looped around at several places, and my head was spinning trying to figure out how it actually worked! I just gave Nori a sheepish smile and we tried to brave the line!

While standing in the line, we met Sarah and her daughter! We were chatting while marveling at the craziness of the crowd! When we finally reached the show floor it felt as if we finished off an adventure!

I actually had no schedule for Bookcon, and was planning to do whatever striked my fancy. While the time I went inside, tickets for Leigh Bardugo, Laini Taylor and Susan Dennard were all finished, so I was just hoping that I will catch a glimpse of them when I roam around.

Nori and I tried our hand at giveaways. We spun a wheel at Owlcrate - I even cut my finger by spinning the wheel! :D Modern day Sleeping Beauty, here! :) - and I managed to get a Frostbread candle from them! I've always wanted to get one, so I was pretty happy! Plus the flavour was Reading at the Cafe! The smell is amazing, and I am scared to light it as it will finish up!

After a while, I made it to the signing of Julia Ember! Unicorn Tracks is a f/f novel which is high on my TBR, and I was so excited to meet Julia, as she's super sweet in twitter! She was absolutely adorable in real life as well, and she even asked all the readers who came to her signing to sign her copy!

I saw Audrey Coulthurst near the signing, so I went and started talking to her. We were joined by Mia Sergert, and we talked about horses, diverse books, social media and all kinds of random stuff, before parting ways! :D

My day at Bookcon pretty much consisted of roaming around and talking to people I know for a while after that. Nori and I went to grab lunch, and on the way back, saw Amie Kauffman and Jay Kristoff sitting and eating pizza!!!

I badly wanted to go talk to them, but was really scared! And Nori practically pushed me to go talk to them. She refused to move from the place until I go to them! :D What would I do without you Nori??? :) Then I finally made my way up to them, and randomly started an awkward conversation.

I said hi to them, and mentioned to Jay how our picture from the day before has become so famous! :) Then he went on to explain to Amie about what happened, and then suddenly Amie recognised me from Blogger Con!!!!

I mean seriously, she literally went on like, "wait, weren't you on a panel? My friend was tweeting about how you got up at an insane hour to be online!" I kinda died and came back to life then! We then launched into a conversation about timezones and how the Americans live in the past! :) Amie was also talking about how half of the things are done and resolved while we're sleeping! We were also discussing about the humongous size of Illuminae and Gemina, and how they would make good weapons! It was so interesting to talk to them, and I tried to act all cool and calm while the fangirl in me was flailing so hard! :)

We also used Jay's insanely long arms to take a selfie, even though I practically stalked them again to take a proper picture, just before I left to go home.

Feeling pretty excited, I made it to Penguin, for Pierce Brown's signing. I was pretty sure half of the line was there not for his book, but hey, who am I to judge? I've got eyes as well! :D Just to my left, they were conducting the interview for the hot property brothers, and there was a huge crowd lurking around there, who were clearly not interested in property of any form! :D

I haven't read Pierce Brown's books, but I was pretty excited to meet him, as his series has been recommended to me often! And after CJ's flailing about all the violence in the book the previous days, I was determined to get the book and meet him!

He was as hot as he was in his instagram, but he was also so sweet! When I went near him, I started to jabber about how much I love violence, and he just gave me an adorable smile and said, "what a morbid thing to say! I like you! :D " He also said that I'll enjoy reading about the strong women in the book as I resemble them!!!!

We were only allowed to take a selfie with Pierce, and I was pretty sad as I hate selfies. But when the signing finished, I went to him and asked whether he'd like to take a pic, and he said okay! :)

After that, I went around to see Shannon, and realized that it was time for me to go home! It was hard to say good byes, and I felt so sad to leave the place, all my friends, the books and all the fun! I said my goodbyes to my roommates, and all those whom I could find, and left with Shannon so I could change into my airport shabby clothes and leave. On our way to the entrance, when we were near the Gemina line, where there was a humongous crowd - as expected - Pierce Brown walked our way, and he saw me standing there, and came and gave me a high five and went! That was like the perfect thing to leave the place with, and I just kept my cool for a minute before flailing hard! :D

I felt so sad to leave, but then, I had to! It was seriously one of the most exciting weeks I've ever had! I am so going to do this again next year, and I can't wait already!

Hope you guys enjoyed the recaps! :) I hereby finish off the Mish Went to BEA series! ;D

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