Jun 2, 2016

Mish Went to BEA || Day Three

I am slowly getting over my BEA hangover, but we're not done with the recaps!! :D

Today's recap is all about the third day of BEA - a.k.a my favourite day and the day I kinda became a celebrity! :D

Friday was the hell in my schedule. There were so many signings at the same time, and I was determined to make a few of them. I was so scared about the ticketed signings, because I obviously am not going to line up at 6 and get a ticket - sleep is important guys. Especially in a foreign country where I am experiencing jet lag. But thankfully, CJ was my angel that day, and she gave me her tickets for Meg Cabot and Danielle Paige, because she wasn't going to make to their signings. In my apple juice caused hyperness the earlier day I was rambling about how meeting Meg Cabot is like my biggest dreams and was getting sappy, so much so that, she just took the ticket out of her bag and gave it to me and said, " She might come to Michigan anytime. She won't come to Sri Lanka anytime soon" LOVE YOU CJ!!!

I also couldn't believe that BEA was over that day! I felt so sad, and that my adventure is ending! :/ I was determined to make the best out of that day!!!

That's me and Val in the line! :D

A funny story about Friday - I was wearing colourful, childish flip flops that day! :D My feet were so badly battered and tired by Thursday night, I couldn't even think of wearing my regular shoes on Friday! So I decided to sacrifice dignity and wear my quite out of place flip flops. opinions be damned :D

Anyway, back to the main story. When we made it to the floor on Friday, I set off to Starbucks with Nori and CJ to get ourselves our breakfast. I was quite happy when I had my chai tea, it felt like I am drinking tea back at home! Also, do you Americans realise that chai tea is practically "tea tea" as chai means tea????

Anyway, Nori and I ran into Wendy and Rebecca at Starbucks, and we chatted for a while before making our ways back to our spots in the line. After getting back in my spot, I realised, that I am sitting next to Nicole - who by then had felt a need to explain herself to me that she's not stalking me! :D

I also saw Lynette - who was part of my Nefarious Tales event - and chatted with her, while Val saw my flip flops and decided to tease me about it! *glares at Val*

While chatting, I revealed the fact that I am not going to Maggie's signing despite wanting to earlier, since I haven't read past Raven Boys, and I really don't want to embarrass myself in front of her while not knowing anything to say. And I am also kinda scared of Maggie's fans. What if they recognize me as an amateur????

Well, after I came clean, everyone just forced me to go get a ticket for Maggie, because apparently my reasons were stupid. *pouts* Anyway, I am glad they did so, because I rushed to get a ticket and literally got the last ticket for her signing. Thank God for friends!

When the show floor opened, my first signing was The Raven King, so I rushed to the autographing area since I know for a fact that the signing would be crowded! Imagine my surprise when there was only one single person there!!! Like literally, I was the second person in line for Maggie Stiefvater! Can you believe that?

The two of us who were standing there were actually doubtful whether it was indeed Maggie's line! :) Then eventually people started to join us, and even they were confused over why the line was so short! I started chatting with Paige - who was from UK! I was a bit fascinated with her accent :) - and Fede - a guy I still haven't discovered online but was super cool and adorably enthusiastic, until we realized the reason why the line was so short. Lots of people have decided to use their front line passes for Maggie so much so that, they had to make a separate, quite long, front line pass line! It was the worst thing ever! I mean, we literally had to stand inches away from Maggie, but had to wait until an entire line finished signing their books. It was sweet torture.

My time finally came, and I totally started losing my cool in front of Maggie. I started gushing about how much I love her characters - especially Ronan - and she gave me an amused smile. Maybe I made a fool of myself in front of her. *grins*

After Maggie's I dashed to Danielle Paige's line for Stealing Snow. I haven't read Dorothy Must Die, but I really love Danielle's premises, because twisted fairytale retellings = Mishma's stamp of approval! Danielle's line was long and slow, until I realized that she was going to be another Adam Silvera - she was so sweet and nice, she was talking to everyone for like 5 minutes! They actually moved her whole line to another table so she can keep on signing even after the hour finished! Meanwhile, Nicole agreed to pick me up a copy of Lovely Reckless at Kami's signing, since she had nothing else on her schedule then, and I was super happy that I am not missing that one!

Then I got to meet Danielle, and she was so amazing! I started flailing about fairytales and even her publicist joined in! :) It was so fun and Danielle was so sweet and patient!

After Stealing Snow I dashed to the signing of First Star I See Tonight by Susan Elizabeth Philips. She is an adult book author, and her books are catergorized as chick lit, and needless to say I was the youngest person in her line. But I love her book Kiss an Angel to death - that book left me as a sobbing mess - and I knew that I needed to meet her! 

When I saw her, she gave me an amused look as if wondering whether I am indeed in the correct line. I started going into this deep soliloquy about Kiss an Angel and how much of an impact it made in me, and how it always leave me crying in the night whenever I reread the book! She was listening to the whole thing with a smile, and just said in the end, "that's exactly what I intended to do with that book". I must have looked so flustered that she actually pinched my cheeks and sent me! :D

After her signing, I kinda didn't have anything to do, so I was planning to drop the books and all the other stuff I picked up until then in the baggage counter. There I met Bayram and we managed to finally get a picture! :)

At this point, I was actually a bit confused over what I am going to do. I missed the chance of getting a ticket for Caraval in the morning, so that was ruled out and I wasn't really going to risk my life by lining up for the sampler of Carve the Mark. ( Which shouldn't be even called a sampler. It was a freaking pamphlet!) So I decided to head to the Harlequin signing, even though I read in a lot of posts that it is extremely messy.

But surprisingly, it wasn't messy at all, when I lined up. It was a really decent line wrapping around the booth, and I had Nicole and CJ with me so we were chatting about random stuff. I was itching to go and explore, plus I also wanted to say hi to Stephanie Garber, even though I couldn't make it to her signing. So I headed out and started roaming around and went around Macmillan to see whether the Caraval signing has finished. It was almost done by that point, so I waited for a while and said hi to Stephanie. I know her from twitter, and she's a good friend of one of my favourite people ever - Julie Eshbaugh ( the author of Ivory and Bone ), so she knows me as Julie's friend from Sri Lanka! :D We started chatting and took a selfie since I didn't have my camera with me at that point!

I am bad at selfies, okay??? *hides*

After chatting with Stephanie, I realized that I can make it to the signing of Stalking Jack the Ripper before running back to Harlequin, so I rushed to that line, which was miraculously short. Which I later realized was because half of BEA had started lining up for A Torch Against the Night. Kerri Maniscalco is another sweet author I know through Rachel and Julie, so I really wanted to say hi to her, even though I didn't quite have the time, that I could only get my book and signed and say a brief hi and run away.

I made it back to Harlequin in time. They actually started the signing half an hour early! I actually thought it went quite smooth, especially for a signing with 4 authors at the same time. I got Women in the Walls - the author was so cool!!! As was her tattoo!, The Continent, met Eleanor again! :D and met Jennifer L.Armentrout! Meeting Jennifer was the main purpose of me going to that signing, as I've been a huge fan of her in my YA beginner stages. For some reason, Jennifer was convinced she has seen me before! She was so sweet and I started fangirling about all her book boyfriends, and got a copy of The Problem with Forever! :)

After that, I had to go to my biggest signing of the day! Meg Cabot. I was super excited, and wanted to be early, even though there was still time, and half of BEA was at Penguin, lining up for Torch. When I went to the line, there were only two people, so I set my stuff there, saved a spot, and roamed around a bit.

 When I went near Penguin, I saw Stephanie Garber again. She was talking to someone, so I said a distant hi, but she waved me over, and introduced me to her friend as "the girl who came all the way from Sri Lanka". I turn to see freaking Sabaa Tahir, shaking my hand and introducing herself to me as "Hi, I am Sabaa" I tried to act cool, while on the inside I was freaking out thinking, AS IF I DON'T KNOW YOU!!! :D We talked for a bit, and I felt quite special as she was staying there talking to me while a hoard of people were waiting for her in line! ;D

Then I made it back to Meg's and started talking with the ladies standing next to me. One of them was from Canada, and we were discussing about how weird certain things are in US. #sorrynotsorry

When it was time for me to meet Meg, I was so jittery! I've read her book since I was 12, and it was a huge moment for me. When I went near her, I was speechless, and was almost in tears! ( I can get super sappy at times, guys ) And the amazing thing is, her publicist there said hi to me, and introduced me to Meg as "the girl who came from Sri Lanka" ( See a pattern there? I was literally known as this throughout BEA! :D) I still don't know who that publicist is and how she knows me! *scratches head* Anyway, Meg was amazed by that, and I started flailing about how much I love her, and she was so sweet and she gave a huge hug when she realized I looked like I am about to cry. *takes a deep breath* It was amazing!

She actually signed two books! I am so excited to read both From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess and Remembrance!!!

After Meg, I rushed to the signing of Three Dark Crowns. Her line was actually pretty long, but I managed to catch a decent spot. I love Kendare's gory and brutal writing style, so I was exclaiming about it in the line and started this long and enlightening convo with the lady next to me about violence in books. In between, I saw that the line for Bone Gap, which was three tables away was thinning, so I quickly jumped in there even though I was planning to miss that book earlier. I've been wanting to read the book for a long time, because of Cait's neverending fangirling about it, so I was pretty excited that I could indeed make it to the signing. I also met Mike in the line, and chatted for a bit, before getting my book signed and dashing back to the Blake line!

Kendare Blake was absolutely adorable! I started exclaiming about how much I love her violent and brutal writing and that I am a huge fan of violence as soon as I saw her, and she gave me a bemused smile and said, "You look like a sweet and innocent girl! Not someone who'd love violence! :D" It was a delight to be able to meet her!

Despite the fact that I really really wanted to get a copy of Gemina, the line for the drop was humongous, and I didn't think I can make it anyway! So I just decided to roam around and when I went around Penguin, I saw Laini Taylor and Jay Kristoff was hanging around there! I am a huge fan of both of them, and I was so scared to even go near! But when I approached Laini - or rather someone else approached her for me! :D - she was so sweet, and nice and I felt so stupid for not taking the step to go talk to her!

Then I went to Jay Kristoff! Now this was one epic moment! :D Jay was insanely tall - he's 6'7!!!! - and I was already short, plus Ava who was also short was trying to take the picture, and we were struggling to make it work! :D Suddenly, Jay knelt down next to me, so Ava could take it, and it was hilarious!

When he stood up, I was only up to his chest!

But then, the funny part was that we didn't realize how many people noticed the photo being taken! :D Laini Taylor was standing behind us, and she was like, " Do it again, it was so funny!" She even took a pic of it and tweeted it out!

Then I set out to roam around again, and then came back near Penguin to hang around with Nori, who was standing in line for the Sara Sheperd book. When I was chatting with her, Laini Taylor walked by and smiled at me and waved, while a few minutes later Jay came by and gave me a mock salute and went! I felt like a celebrity!!! :D

Then I saw people coming out of the Gemina drop, and felt so sad that I couldn't make it! But guess what, a friend and her mum were both in line, so they ended up with two copies, so they gave me a copy!!!!! I literally broke into a happy dance there!!!

After that, Nori and I were hanging out, just roaming around. I felt really sad to realize that BEA was actually over!!! How in the world did three days fly past so soon??? We also met up with CJ and walked around. To my surprise, when I came by Bloomsbury, I saw that they had extra copies of Stealing Snow and Edge of Everything! It was so amusing considering how long the line for the Stealing Snow drop was! I snagged a copy so that I can have a giveaway! It ends today, so enter soon!!!

I also met up with Vee  in the meanwhile, and we chatted for a bit before she set out to have her long ignored lunch! :D

I also managed to talk to Heather and grabbed some of her book charms! I had a convo about This Savage Song with her, and started fangirling about Victoria Schwab! :)

After that, CJ, Nori and I kinda had nothing else to do, so we set out to the hotel. On our way, Nori practically forced me to get a pic with this cute little doggy! :)

Sad that BEA is over, but excited for the Blogger Dinner which was happening that evening, we sorted our hauls and got ready to go to the dinner. CJ, Nori, Rashika and I set to the BEA Blogger Dinner, and it was so much fun!!!

The food there was amazing, but the best part was that we were able to talk with bloggers in a relaxed pace! Kudos to Octavia and Whitley for organizing the dinner!!!! I met Eli, Cassi, Pili - again :), Marissa Nicole  and talked to fellow Schwab fangirls Angie and Nikki!!!

It was so fun - though I was an idiot and didn't take any pictures! *facepalm*. The sad part was that we had to say goodbye to CJ, who was leaving home from there itself. :/ After a little while, we walked back to the hotel with Shelly and Nicole and her mum! I was also pretending that I didn't know Shelly throughout the dinner. It was stupid, but fun! :D

I was utterly spent when we came back. Plus I also had to pack, because I was leaving home straight away from Bookcon the next day. Nori and I were struggling with our luggages until 2 AM - that was one memorable night for sure! :D -

Before I wrap it up, here's the haul of Day 3!

Books not mentioned above :
Phantom Limbs
Spare and Found Parts

And that's the story of my third day at BEA!!! Don't forget to check back for my Bookcon adventures!

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