Jun 7, 2016

Top Ten Reasons why I love Victoria Schwab's books

It's not a new thing for my readers to know that I adore Victoria Schwab. That I love her books to death! That I'll probably even read a self help book if it's written by her! 

Today, I want to say why! So I made use of today's Top Ten Tuesday prompt, which was "Top Ten Reasons Why I love X". 

And my "X" is going to be Victoria Schwab's books!!!

1. Writing Style

Victoria's writing is gorgeous, to say the least! She has a way of telling a story, where the words just flow through you. Her pace is fast, her writing descriptive, and it is beautiful without being lyrical!

2. Unique Premises

Her ideas are so original, and the execution is one of a kind! With each book, she brings out a different concept, a different theme, and a different outlook, which is so unique and fresh! People who get superpowers after near death experiences? Four kinds of London, with different outlooks on magic? A library where souls are kept like books? Monsters who kill through song? Only Victoria's brain could come up with these things!

3. World Building

Victoria's world buildings are intricate, And her description of them is vivid. I also love how she builds up the confusion and the questions of the readers for some time, until she reveals the missing tidbits of the world, with careful timing!

4. No Info Dump

Hallelujah for this! I hate info dump, as much as the entire book community hates insta love and love triangles! Pages and pages of explanation gives me a headache, but Victoria's writing are devoid of this aspect, and I am so thankful for that!

5. Her books are dark.

YA fantasy books often don't get dark. But Victoria doesn't shy away from violence, from deaths and brutal scenes. I also love her action scenes!!!

6. Imperfect Main Characters

Victoria's characters are flawed. Her main characters make mistakes. Sometimes, they are super powerful ( Kell, August ) but their powers fail them at the crucial moment. They are seen helpless. They lose fights. Their plans fail, badly. They do things which they regret later. Her main characters are so realistic and flawed, that it is beautiful to read!

7. Diverse Batch of Characters.

Her characters are anything but stereotypical. She doesn't go for the typical cardboard cut out YA characters, but rather creates morally ambivalent heroes, tattooed burly guys who's a tech genius and loves chocolate milk, cross dressing aspiring pirates, bisexual swoon worthy princes and eyeliner wearing love interests!

8. Villains!!!

Victoria Schwab's villains are glorious! Victor is one of my favourites ever and the Dane twins give me the chills! They're complex, twisted, and interesting! For a villain lover like me, her bad guys have so much appeal!

9. Her stories deals with the thin grey area between two contrasting forces.

This has always fascinated me. In The Archived, it was the line between what should be remembered and what's best left forgotten. In Vicious, it was the complex grey area between good and bad - a villain and a hero. A Darker Shade of Magic dabbles with balance :the balance between power and darkness. And This Savage Song dwells in the aspects that makes a human different from a monster!

10. Her books make the Lit student in me super happy!

It's rare that YA books appeal to the Lit critic in me. But Victoria's books do! I love the jargons and the literary devices scattered around in her books, like how Vicious started and ended in the same setting and the beauty of the first lines of the Shades of Magic series!!!

Have you read Victoria's books??? Which one is your fav? If not, WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU WAITING FOR???? Go grab yourself a copy of a Schwab book soon!

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