Aug 12, 2016

BBCP #2 || Currently Reading

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Hi guys!

Today's the second day of  Gray Team's meme for BBCP - Classic Friday!

Today's prompt is Currently Reading, and if you wish to join us with the meme, feel free to grab the questions! :)

How long on average does it take you to read a medium (350-400 page) sized book?
Depends on how involved I am in the book I guess. I have once finished a 600 page book in the span of one night ( roughly around 4 to 5 hours ) because I was so engrossed in it. A 400 page average book would take me around 3 to 4 hours, I guess.

Is your current read amazing, okay, or not very good? Tell why!
My current read is Nevernight, and it is mindblowingly amazing!!!!

Turn to page 187, the first name to appear will be your one true BFF
Since Nevernight is an ebook, I am picking up a physical book to make things easier.Right now, I am also rereading The Star Touched Queen, so.....
Nritti......well, I could do a lot better, I guess :D

Turn to page 43, the first object will be your weapon in a zombie apocalypse
Wood. Not bad, I think. Especially if there are vampires around!

First line of your current read
For this I am going back to Nevernight! Well, the first line is quite peculiar.
" People often shift themselves when they die, did you know that?"

What do you think about the main character so far?

What genre are you reading right now?

What is your favorite thing about your current read?
A lot of things. I love the brutality. How it doesn't shy away from anything. How raw and fucking awesome it is! ( It's even making me swear! I NEVER swear! )

Is this your first book by this author?
Nope. I've read Illuminae, but this is the first time I am reading a book written only by him!

Is it a standalone or part of a series?
Part of a series. A trilogy, as far as I am aware.

Why or how did you choose your current read?
Well, I got it as an ARC, and it was high time I got to it as the book has been released a few days ago. Plus I've been dying to read it anyway!

If you could go to the world of your current read, regardless of genre, and spend a week there, what would you want to do? Which of the characters would you want to hang out with and why?
Hmm, I guess I am not far along to answer this!

Take a picture of one thing or place or event that you feel represents your current read and post on your bookstagram with the tag #ClassicFridays.
For this, check out my instagram!

Have you read Nevernight? Or The Star Touched Queen? What are you currently reading?

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