Nov 28, 2016

Dahlia Adler's Thanksgiving || The Thanks U Give

Hi bookworms!

Okay, technically, The Thanks U Give ended yesterday, but I only got the chance to properly wrap up today! I really didn't expect the hashtag to get this big, and I was overwhelmed and awed by the love and gratitude it brought on. Thank you to everyone who posted or tweeted during #TheThanksUGive!

Today we have a special guest over, who will say her thank you's. Let's welcome Dahlia Adler, the amazing author, diversity advocate and overall cool kid of the twitter! Without further ado, over to you Dahlia!

Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you, Mish, for having me!

If you've read my acknowledgments, you know the authors and bloggers I thank profusely for being my rocks for the past five years or so, so for once, this thanks isn't gonna be dedicated to the glory that is Marieke Nijkamp and Maggie Hall and Lindsay Smith and Katie Locke and Christina of Reader of Fictions and so on and so forth.

This post, #TheThanksIGive is for two random acts of kindness I think about All. The. Time. that remind me of all the different ways people in this community can be so good. 

If you haven't read Play On and/or Game On by Michelle Smith, you absolutely should, but that's not why I'm grateful for this author (who in the past also happens to have been my agent-sister and pub-sister). There was a six month or so stretch in  my debut year when I was having a really, really hard time emotionally, and one day, Michelle asked for my address. I didn't think much of it when I gave it to her, and then, one day, out of nowhere, a beautiful note and notebook showed up. Not a thank-you gift for anything, as I do occasionally get from lovely authors grateful for my support of their books - just a straight-up "thinking of you and believing in you" gift. 

For the next year, whenever I felt myself slipping back into darkness, I would remember that. How kind people I'd never met could be. My husband still knows her as "The one who sent me that notebook that time." So, I give thanks for Michelle Smith, and seriously, go buy her books.

I also give thanks for Kathy Kottaras (aka E. Katherine Kottaras), not just because I love her books, and not even just because she was actually the very first YA author to ask me to blurb one. (Which she was! You can find it on the back of How to Be Brave while you're busy buying it.)

I am a weird combination of shy and not, extroverted and introverted, and last year, I was in LA, and begged my husband to drive me to Vroman's in Pasadena so I could attend Nicola Yoon's launch party for Everything, Everything. But when I got there, I was too terrified to say a word to anyone. After the hourlong drive, I actually almost made us go right home after five minutes (without even a copy of the book, because it'd completely sold out!), and I felt awful about it - for dragging my husband out on our vacation, for being too shy and awkward to freaking say hi to authors I'd been talking to online for years.

Lo and behold, as I was dragging my husband out in shame, Kathy stepped out of a crowd of authors by the stairs and said, "Dahlia?" and we met, and she so, so kindly introduced me to the authors around her, and long story short I ended up having a fantastic night meeting a billion authors old and new. And I never, ever would have if one person hadn't taken care to make me feel comfortable and worth meeting. 

You know the stuff you expect to feel thankful for in this community - book support and promotion, blurbs, referrals, mentors - but there are so many little things where you don't expect to need it. And when you get it? That's everything. 

Thank you Dahlia, and thank you everyone! This was one amazing week, and thanks for making it special! <33 font="">

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