Dec 9, 2016

A Very Bookish Christmas || Soaps,lip balms and bookmarks from Behind the Pages

Hi bookworms!

Today we're featuring one of my favourite book merch stores! Say hi to Gina, the owner of Behind the Pages, who sells the most amazing book inspired soaps and lip balms!

1. Let’s start by breaking the ice! Introduce yourself and your store, and tell us something random and interesting about you!
Hey! I'm Gina from Behind the Pages and I create bookish bookmarks, posters, soaps and lip balms. Some of you may recognize me as a blogger from ages ago before I started this store.

2. What are your signature products? What sets your store apart from others?
My signature products are definitely my Soaps and Lip Balms. The main reason for this is because they are inspired by book boyfriends and girlfriends in YA books. What sets my store apart is you can imagine yourself being with your favourite book boyfriend or girlfriend when smelling and using my lip balms or soaps. Can you just imagine them kissing you or being in the shower with you ;) (come on, you all know you have once or twice haha).

3. What inspired you start a business? And why specifically (your product)?
I was first inspired to start my business from doing freebie bookmarks and wallpapers on my blog. A lot of people were asking me if I was going to create my own style and when I posted a first sample on my blog, I got such an overwhelming response to them, so I decided to create them and sell them. I got inspired to do the soaps by helping a friend research candle suppliers, when I found a local supplier near me that sold supplies for soap. I was currently in that massive ACOMAF hangover and pining over Rhys, when I wondered about the idea of doing soap, especially because it was different than doing candles and what I wouldn't have given in that moment to be showering in the scent of Rhys. I told my idea to a few close friends and they loved the idea (and started demanding when they would get some haha). After that, I just went from there and wanted to do lip balms. I've got really dry lips, so I wanted to create something really nourishing as well as smell like the same boyfriends as what I've done in the soaps. Now, I'm busy writing down all my ideas about expanding to new products!

4. What is your favourite thing about owning a book merchandise store?
Talking to everyone online and fangirling about fave series and if people think that my scents match the characters. I love talking to everyone, but it sucks that I don't have much time to do that as much as I want to now because of how busy I'm getting. I also love creating new scents and products, then surprising everyone with them. I love seeing people's reactions to either the scent or the character, and it makes it all worth it, especially seeing the feedback about them as well.

5. What are the biggest issues you face/ or have faced?
People tasting and licking the lip balms off their lips, then throwing them away because they taste bad. It's a struggle I've had to deal with for a few months, and it just makes me super frustrated that some people don't understand what the meaning of a lip balm is, or tasting and licking it when there is nothing saying that it's edible. But mainly the fact that there are so many people out there that want to buy my lip balms, but either can't afford to or aren't allowed to buy online and some people are just throwing my products away, that I spend countless hours making. I have a full time job as well as doing this, so I'm up every night making products and packing orders by myself, and it really hurts to see people doing this.

6. What is your personal favourite product of those you’ve made?
Ohhh, that's so hard to choose. I can't choose between the two, but I love the lip balm and the soap. I use both of them everyday, and I don't want to use anything else. The lip balm leaves my lips so soft and moisturized like no other lip balm has before, and the soap doesn't leave my skin itchy after I've used it. I've got super sensitive skin, so using this is a real miracle worker for me. My personal favourite scents are: Chaol, Manon, Dorian, Lorcan, Adam, Celaena, Feyre and Rhys, of course.

7. Where do you see yourself and your store in the future? Any plans in terms of expanding, developing the products, any big dreams?
I'm always thinking of expanding. I've actually got 3 ideas that I'm currently planning and will be testing hopefully next year or at the end of this year, depending on how much time I have. Both products are completely unique and I'm so so excited to share them with you all. Fingers crossed one day I'll make it to going full time with this business, I'm only just keeping it all together at the moment as it is with doing two full time jobs, so hopefully I can make the switch. Which means, that I'll be able to give you guys new products and scents quicker as well as get orders out quicker as well. Fingers crossed this happens one day soon!

8. Tell our readers where they can find your store items, how they can contact you and how they can promote and share their reviews and pictures of your merch? ( hashtags, social media, any specifics regarding this )
The best place to find all my items is on my website which also has links to my Etsy, Redbubble and Society6 stores. The best place to contact me is through the contact form on my website

Contact Details

Newsletter sign-up on my website

Gina is giving away 3 Christmas exclusive lipbalms! They're inspired by the golden trio, Harry Ron and Hermione, and it's INTL!

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