Dec 13, 2016

A Very Bookish Christmas || Bookmarks from Read and Wonder

Another day, another book merch store, and today we are featuring a store which sells stickers, bookmarks - both magnetic and normal - which you wouldn't want to miss! 

Say hi to Jess the owner of Read and Wonder, a store which sells the most adorable products!

1. Let’s start by breaking the ice! Introduce yourself and your store, and tell us something random and interesting about you!
      Hi, my name is Jess and I run Read and Wonder with my mum, Kim! We’re from Adelaide, South Australia and started our business about a year and a half ago. Something random about me…Last year I lived in Canada for 4 months and I loved it so much I’d consider living there one day!
2. What are your signature products? What sets your store apart from others?
We sell a range of different products, from stickers for planner lovers to magnetic and normal bookmarks, which are what we mainly sell these days. We try to make all our designs unique in some way and believe this makes us stand out in the crowd!
3. What inspired you start a business? And why specifically bookmarks?
It March 2015 I was really getting fed up with the job I was in and was trying to think of what I could do to put myself in a better working environment. I was really into Planning at the time, and came across this massive community of planner lovers who kept talking about Etsy stores that sold stickers! I got really excited about the idea and decided to just give it a go. As I’m currently studying at university I knew it would be quite difficult to run the business on my own, so I asked my mum to join me, and she said yes! Over time our product range has expanded and changed quite a bit, and we’ve found a love for making and designing bookmarks. This fits us perfectly as we love reading!

4. What is your favourite thing about owning a book merchandise store?
Definitely being able to create products for books that so many of us love! It’s hard to find ‘official’ book merchandise so it’s amazing to see so many businesses putting their own artistic talent towards making products for book lovers.

5. What are the biggest issues you face/ or have faced?
Our biggest issue we have is generally when our printer and cutting machine go haywire! It can get very frustrating at times, especially when we have a lot of orders.
6. What is your personal favourite product of those you’ve made?
I think my favourite would have to be our ‘To the People Who Look at the Stars and Wish’ bookmark. I just really like the design, and it quickly became one of our best selling bookmarks.
7. Where do you see yourself and your store in the future? Any plans in terms of expanding, developing the products, any big dreams?
We haven’t really thought too far into the future, but we definitely plan on expanding our product range! At the moment we’re working on opening up a Society6 store, and who knows what the future will hold!

8. Tell our readers where they can find your store items, how they can contact you and how they can promote and share their reviews and pictures of your merch?
You can find all out products on our Etsy store, but we also have an Instagram page where you can see sneak peaks of our new releases and be the first to hear about sales we might be having!
Contacting us through Etsy is the best way to get a quick response and we love to see any photos our customers take of our products on Instagram! Here is the link to our Etsy store:

We have a special coupon code for you! Use XMAS20 to get 20% off your purchase , no minimum purchase required, ends 31st December.

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