Dec 6, 2016

A Very Bookish Christmas || Bookmarks from Ink and Wonder

Today's post is for lovers of bookmarks!!

Whether you use bookmarks to mark your pages, or just love to collect them like me, this particular type of book merch is something that all of us bookworms adore! So today on the blog, we're featuring Ink and Wonder, a store which sells beautiful wooden bookmarks, which you don't want to miss!


1. Let’s start by breaking the ice! Introduce yourself and your store, and tell us something random and interesting about you

I am Paris and I own Ink & Wonder, a small business that sells bookish gifts but specialises in Woodmarks. Woodmarks are wooden bookmarks made from a variety of species of ethically sourced and sustainable timbers, featuring original artworks that reference Harry Potter, game of thrones, literature and other fandoms. I run Ink & Wonder in my spare time around managing an Indie book store (the best Indie bookstore in the world) and my favourite things are travelling and scuba diving. If your envelope is ever covered in fish stickers it's because of that lol.

2. What are your signature products? What sets your store apart from others?

My signature products are my Woodmarks, and the fact that they are so environmentally friendly. It's pretty unique for me to be able to confidently state that they are 100% ethically sourced and grown. My signature is probably also my style of artwork, it's pretty identifiable and I hope that people see my work and recognise it.


3. What inspired you start a business? And why specifically bookmarks?

I have been motivated to try and start a business using my art for a long time, but I was always at a dead end because I didn't want to just start trying to sell art prints- I wanted something with a function and an audience who would be interested in it, but couldn't think of anything.

Then at my job in preparation for the Cursed Child Release,  I was trying to source unique Harry Potter bookmarks so we could have some merchandise for sale at a huge release party we were having (it was amazing, if you're wondering!!). I couldn't find any wholesalers at all that distributed any Harry Potter or fandom bookmarks, let alone cool ones! So I decided I was going to do it myself, and I did. We began stocking the bookmarks at my store in June, had to restock before the party in July, and now sell tonnes to happy customers who have discovered that bookmarks don't have to be dorky.

4. What is your favourite thing about owning a book merchandise store?

I have two favourite things about owning my own book merchandise store. The first is that I get to sell my art, and that is pretty awesome. The second is getting to send mail to all corners of the earth. Just this week I have had a huge variety of destinations. It's not very often you get to send your art off to Guam, Luxembourg,  Oman, India or any other far off exotic place!  


5. What are the biggest issues you face/or have faced?

The first big issue I faced was getting my instagram account established. You get stuck in a catch 22 where no one wants to follow your account because you don't have many followers. After I held my first rep search, it began to pick up and now I tend to not lose as much sleep over it.

My current hurdle is trying to break into the wholesale market. No matter how many bookstores I email or send information packs to, I never hear back. I must just go to junk or get lost in piles of mail, and because  I know how much bookstores don't like businesses cold calling or just walking in with product samples, I'm a bit stuck at the moment. But still trying!

Seeing as I originally established Ink & Wonder as a wholesale company with a small online store, the side effect (but also the upside!) of not being to get into wholesale easily is that I've had to grow my online store. This wasn't originally the plan, because I work full time I knew I wouldn't have a lot of time for a second job. Luckily I have my amazing and handsome boyfriend who does post office runs daily and occasionally packages orders (as well as making sure I don't have a stress breakdown and pouring me glasses of wine), if it wasn't for him everyone would receive their orders a week or two later than they do now. Small business boyfriends deserve a lot more credit!

6. What is your personal favourite product of those you’ve made?

My personal favourite product I've made is the Fantastic Beats design, where Dobby is a DJ wearing headphones. My puns can be corny (like all puns) but this one I find so cute and funny- I love the idea of Dobby chilling at a festival or headlining a gig playing remixes of Harry Potter Scores. It makes my imagination go crazy!


7. Where do you see yourself and your store in the future? Any plans in terms of expanding, developing the products, any big dreams?

Hopefully in the future I see Ink & Wonder being wholesale distributed to bookstores around Australia.  I am currently in the process of getting Woodmarks into subscription boxes, that is very exciting. And I am also developing some new products to feature our bestselling designs that I can't wait to start showing people at the moment they're still in development so I have to keep quiet about it.

8. Tell our readers where they can find your store items, how they can contact you and how they can promote and share their reviews and pictures of your merch?

If you'd like to stay up to date on all new designs and products, follow me on instagram @inkandwonder.designs or Facebook @inkandwonder. To go shopping, you can check out my online store at where you can browse my full range of Woodmarks, buttons and totes (plus something new I'll be listing in the next couple of days!)

If you'd like to share your pics and reviews of my products you can tag me in the pic and I'll check it out and probably share it on my page


Don't forget to check out the bookmarks, and if you're preparing to purchase, here's a discount code for you guys! Use the code 10CAPTURE to get 10% off your purchase! This offer only lasts until boxing day!

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