Dec 11, 2016

A Very Bookish Christmas || Magnetic bookmarks from Jane's Tiny Things

Hi bookworms!

Today I bring to you yet another store which sells bookmarks, but this time, of the magnetic kind! Say hello to Jane, the owner of Jane's Tiny Things, who makes and sells the most adorable pop culture and books inspired magnetic bookmarks and stickers!

BS29 - group.jpg

 1. Let’s start by breaking the ice! Introduce yourself and your store, and tell us something random and interesting about you!
My name is Jane and I run Jane's Tiny Things! I am in charge of the day-to-day, and my husband CB is always ready to lend a hand with packaging, runs to the post office, making me lunch when I'm too busy to eat, and product brainstorming. This is actually my second business that I've owned (I ran a hand-knitted handbag business with my sister and mom for many years). I also was a professional nail artist, and I have a teaching degree from NYU. I find settling into one career path very difficult, apparently!

2. What are your signature products? What sets your store apart from others?
All of my products feature my illustrations, and are all centered around pop culture. I started the business with a few sets of fun nail decals, and those are still going strong. But I really love my magnetic bookmarks! I love to re-imagine characters from books and movies with my unique style.

3. What inspired you start a business? And why specifically bookmarks?
I always knew I wanted my own business. When I was a little kid, I used to make all kinds of crafts and a hand drawn catalog that I would distribute to my family, and then I'd invite them all to a tupperware-style party where I'd provide games and snacks and then sell them the stuff I made. I'm surprised they put up with me! This business was a way for me to make art every day that I thought people would connect with, and what better connection can you have than books and tv? :)

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  4. What is your favourite thing about owning a book merchandise store?
I love seeing all of the amazing pictures on Bookstagram! There is so much artistry in the people that own book photography accounts and I am obsessed with what they all come up with, especially when my products are involved.

5. What are the biggest issues you face/ or have faced?
I'm not amazing at social media! I've always loved being the center of attention and talking to people, but when I first meet someone new I tend to be a little reserved. And the whole of the internet looking at my social media page? They're always someone new! I have great and loyal customers and fans, but it's hard for me to figure out how to go out and get new ones!

6. What is your personal favourite product of those you’ve made?
I fell in love with Stranger Things this year (who didn't?) and I made bookmarks, a sticker set, and a holiday greeting card featuring the characters, and I absolutely love how they all turned out! I love drawing expressions on faces, making sure everyone looks different and right for their circumstances, and these characters are so expressive!

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7. Where do you see yourself and your store in the future? Any plans in terms of expanding, developing the products, any big dreams?
This has been my full-time gig for about three years now, so my number one plan is to keep that going! But I'd also love to start incorporating some more fun products into the roster. My brother and I have talked about putting together a more permanent greeting card business for a while now, and I have lots of ideas for bookish-themed wedding stationary and invitations that I think would be super fun.

 8. Tell our readers where they can find your store items, how they can contact you and how they can promote and share their reviews and pictures of your merch?
You can find us online at We're also in a bunch of stores across the country! You can follow us on instagram, twitter, and facebook @janestinythings and please hashtag your amazing pictures #janestinythings so I can see what you think of our stuff! And, of course, to drool over everyone's beautiful photos!

And Jane is doing something amazing through her store! 

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We will be giving 5% of our total profits this season to Feeding America - a national charity that works with local community foodbanks to provide meals for people in need - as well as to our local town soup kitchen. And the pizza bookmark that we just introduced! We will be giving away $1 to Feeding America with every single pizza bookmark we sell!


Jane is also giving away a set of her HP bookmarks! It is INTL.

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