Dec 1, 2016

Announcing A Very Bookish Christmas - A book merch store feature

Hello bookworms!

It's December! First of all, can you even believe that we are in the last month of the year? And the second thing is, are you all getting your Christmas wish lists ready? I am extremely excited to curate mine, which is going to be 85% bookish stuff, so I thought of doing something that might help you out a bit with your book merch shopping!

Throughout this month, I will feature a bookish merchandise store on the blog, complete with an interview of the store owner (s), spotlights of the products, details, links and some stores are even giving some of their products away, while some will be revealing an exclusive discount code!

So, from today, we'll be starting "A Very Bookish Christmas", and you'll get to know about different book merch stores throughout the month!

So you want to know, which stores will be featured during this month at Chasing Faerytales!
Here's a look at the stores and their assigned dates!

Merch Type

2nd December
Skinny Hues
4th December
Novelly Yours
6th December
Ink and Wonder
7th December
Feather Project
9th December
Behind the Pages
Bookmarks/soaps/lip balms
11th December
Jane’s Tiny Things
Magnetic bookmarks / Stickers
12th December
Read and Wonder
Wooden bookmarks
14th December
Mason’s Custom Funkos
16th December
Novel Heartbeat
18th December
Garden Dreams Decor
Bookish flowers
19th December
Cogs and Curiosities
Steampunk jewellery
22nd December
Crafted Van
Magnetic bookmarks
24th December
Meraki Candles
26th December
Art of Escapism

Are you all as excited as I am? Don't forget to check in during these above mentioned dates, and get to know the stores, products and enter to win amazing giveaways!

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