Feb 28, 2017

Heidi Heilig talks The Ship Beyond Time, time travel and diversity in SFF || #DiverseReads2017

Hey bookworms! Today we have yet another #DiverseReads2017 interview!

I am super excited to host Heidi Heilig on the blog today! Heidi's The Ship Beyond Time - sequel to the amazing The Girl From Everywhere - is releasing today, and she's here with us, sharing some exciting information about the book!

Feb 25, 2017

A heartwarming story of relationships || How to Make a Wish by Ashley Herring Blake

Title : How to Make a Wish
Author : Ashley Herring Blake
Release Date : May 2nd 2017
Publisher : HMH Book for Young Readers
Synopsis :
All seventeen year-old Grace Glasser wants is her own life. A normal life in which she sleeps in the same bed for longer than three months and doesn't have to scrounge for spare change to make sure the electric bill is paid. Emotionally trapped by her unreliable mother, Maggie, and the tiny cape on which she lives, she focuses on her best friend, her upcoming audition for a top music school in New York, and surviving Maggie’s latest boyfriend—who happens to be Grace’s own ex-boyfriend’s father.

Her attempts to lay low until she graduates are disrupted when she meets Eva, a girl with her own share of ghosts she’s trying to outrun. Grief-stricken and lonely, Eva pulls Grace into midnight adventures and feelings Grace never planned on. When Eva tells Grace she likes girls, both of their worlds open up. But, united by loss, Eva also shares a connection with Maggie. As Grace's mother spirals downward, both girls must figure out how to love and how to move on.

Feb 16, 2017

The Ultimate Guide for 2017 Diverse Releases || February Edition

Hi bookworms!

Since you guys loved the recommendation post of all the diverse books releasing last month, I thought of continuing it, forward! So here is a complete list of diverse titles coming out in February 2017!

P.S - This list/post is part of DiverseReads2017 - a reading challenge hosted by myself and Shelly at Read Sleep Repeat. There's still time to join! You can sign up here

P.P.S - Since most of these titles are unreleased, this list is based on ARCs I've read, reviews I've checked from trusted sources, and GR descriptions. If by any chance there are any books in this list that is not qualified to be diverse, problematic, or if I've missed any important aspect - such as the title being #ownvoices - feel free to let me know through the comments!

Feb 10, 2017

A fateful kiss || Poison's Kiss by Breeana Shields

Title : Poison's Kiss
Author : Breeana Shields
Release Date : January 10th 2017
Publisher : Random House
Synopsis : 
A teenage assassin kills with a single kiss until she is ordered to kill the one boy she loves. This commercial YA fantasy is romantic and addictive like-- a poison kiss-- and will thrill fans of Sarah J. Maas and Victoria Aveyard.

Marinda has kissed dozens of boys. They all die afterward. It's a miserable life, but being a visha kanya, a poison maiden, is what she was created to do. Marinda serves the Raja by dispatching his enemies with only her lips as a weapon.

Until now, the men she was ordered to kiss have been strangers, enemies of the kingdom. Then she receives orders to kiss Deven, a boy she knows too well to be convinced he needs to die. She begins to question who she's really working for. And that is a thread that, once pulled, will unravel more than she can afford to lose.

This rich, surprising, and accessible debut is based in Indian folklore and delivers a story that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Feb 1, 2017

An interview with Robin Talley || DiverseReads2017

It's time for another #DiverseReads2017 interview!

Today, I am super excited to invite Robin Talley, author of amazing diverse titles such as Lies We Tell Ourselves, What We Left Behind, As I Descended and the upcoming Our Own Private Universe!

The latter title just released yesterday, and today Robin will be answering some questions on the book, and diversity overall!