Mar 22, 2017

A shipper's musings : when your ships aren't canon

I have never made it a secret that I am a huge shipper. I love myself some good romance, and when I find a couple that I LOVE, I become so invested in their love life, that at times, my obsession and flailing becomes ridiculous. While I do love my canon OTPs, I also often end up jumping on sinking ships, or worse, ships that were never built. Oh, the agony of shipping non canon fictional couples!

There are a couple of instances where the shipping of these non canon couples are inevitable. Everyone sees it, the readers, the fandom, the postman who brings the book to me - except the author and the characters. So I decided to break it down, and discuss instances where we end up shipping those beautiful ships that never were, or never would be. *sobs*

1. Love triangles

Love triangles, oh bane of bliss and source of woe! Oh how I hate you :D It's torture actually, when the author presents to you two ( or these days, more than that) potential, very attractive love interests, and the stupid heroine ends up picking the obvious second best? Like what are you even thinking? This is for the Laila/Keenan shippers ( An Ember in the Ashes), who understood that Jacinda was stupid for choosing Will over Cas in Firelight and most of all, my fellow Chaolaena shippers who are still in denial. *sobs in a corner*

2. Why so straight?

Those beautifully queer non canon couples with so much chemistry which gets overshadowed by the heterosexual pairings on page? I'm quite famous among my friends for making "all their fav characters gay" and can you blame me when there's inevitable chemistry between Draco and Harry, one of my ultimate non canon power couples??? I mean, so much sexual tension, all for them ending up mainstream and straight? The fangirl in me sobs. Same goes to all the Ginny/Luna shippers, Derek/Stiles fangirls and Emma/ Regina lovers ( I love you Hook, I really do, but this ship wins)

3. That one moment...

These shippings are based on something so subtle and small as one hug ( I am looking at you Bellarke shippers ), one conversation, one deed or one intimate moment. That's all. Sometimes these moments are actually unintentional, but we readers have already started to champion the couple that was never intended. 

4. Fanfiction favourites

Who cares if they don't get together on the page? Tumblr, fanfiction and the fandom manages to not only keep these non canon ships alive, they thrive through the stories, fan art, head canons and overactive imagination of the readers. Rowling didn't have to make Draco and Hermione endgame, fanfiction made sure they did in alternate universes. Fans got tired of L.J.Smith's teasing of not so subtle Damon/Bonnie moments, that they decided to take the ship into their own hands. The Drarry shippers of the HP fandom give me life.

5. How come no one is seeing this?

This is the saddest situation. Not only the author and the characters don't understand, most of the fandom and the rest of the readers don't either. This is when you're almost alone in your ship, left to nurture your feels all alone. This is me with Helene and Avitas Harper in A Torch Against Night ( Come on, they'll be perfect! ), Kell and Holland in ADSOM ( I know, I know) and Cinder and Thorne in the Lunar Chronicles *hides* *runs away*

6. For the sake of a moral ending

This is when I end up shipping the villain and the MC, and for obvious reasons, the shipping doesn't work. While everyday I cry over what a powercouple Alina/Darkling (Shadow and Bone) would've been, and what a glorious king and queen Maven and Mare could've made ( Red Queen), I do know that it would've shifted the morality of the story. Well, at least Tahereh Mafi decided to make the villain sympathetic and made Warner/Juliette possible.

6. Bromances

Hands down, one of my favourite type of ships. When the bromance between two favourite male characters is too good, and the chemistry is too intense for us to shrug it off as friendship, the shipping starts. These are the fan fav ships of Dean/Castiel (Supernatural), Steve/Bucky ( Captain America), Scott/Stiles (Teen Wolf),Harvey/Mike ( Suits) and when it comes to YA, the Remus/Sirius, Kell/Rhy and Jem/Will is inevitable no mater how platonic the intentions of their relationship is.

7. You probably won't even meet

This is non canon shipping at its peak. Fellow Jelsa shippers ( Elsa/Jack Frost), I am looking at you. Crossover shippings are another level of non canon shipping, as not only these characters wouldn't end up together, they would probably never meet in their lifetime. ( Unless Dreamworks and Disney decided to join hands for the sake of this super couple that's so meant to be)

Who are your favourite non canon couples and OTPs? Share them in the comments! Which type of non canon couples do you tend to ship the most?

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