Jul 28, 2017

Book Expo Recap || Day 2

Book Expo Day 2 was technically the first day of the show floor. So it was time for the Room no 301 Squad to make our best show floor strategies. We decided to not wake up in some ungodly hour to line up - which actually was a good decision, because this year's lines or crowd was not as insane as last year. But we made a stupid decision when we went to Javits without a suitcase. We ended up carrying all the books around, and my shoulders still remember the unfortunate pain they went through on the show floor :D

The line for the show floor was actually pretty small, and Shelly went and lined up, so the rest of us went to stand in line for the ticketed autographs. Joey, CJ, Hazel and I ended up somehow getting the last few tickets for Maggie Stiefvater, while I also got myself a ticket for Cora Cormack. We even had time to make a quick trip to Starbucks, and still ended up getting a good place in the line, and were able to get in at the right time, when the show floor opened. This year's BEA would have really been the tamest of them all, I guess.

Since we already had a ticket for Maggie, we just wandered around the show floor first, got a copy of Mask of Shadows - which I am currently reading and is amazing!!!- said hi to Kristina from Little Brown, got a glimpse of Melissa, said hi and also grabbed copies of Belles and Cruel Prince. I didn't know that either of those books were going to be at Book Expo, so it was really a pleasant surprise! Plus, the Disney publicists who gave me a copy of Belles were the nicest people ever. I just can't wait to start both the books!

We also acquired the most valuable asset of the entire Book Expo experience at Hachette. The Jimmy Patterson tote bag. Like, I swear, we have all fallen in love with that tote, and Joey had even christened it as the MVT ( swapping player for tote ) Like seriously, it reminded me of Hermione's bag from Deathly Hallows. Not only was it huge, it just had so much space, and I literally dumped my entire haul of the day in that bag. Plus it had pockets! We could actually store the water bottles! That bag was just genius.

P.S - Actually I think, Hachette wins making tote bags. Last year, they gave out a tote which had a zip! It was a lifesaver

We finally made our way to Maggie's line, and I was preparing what to say to her this time around. If you have read my last year's recap, you would know that for some reason, Maggie makes me extremely nervous - she's just so cool, and I have only read Raven Boys, and I swear she has a radar for non die hard fans of TRC - and this time wasn't any different. I still don't know what I managed to mumble this time, but she was so badass like always, and I got my copy of All the Crooked Saints

I also grabbed a copy of Whichwood afterwards,which I honestly had no desire to read before, until I saw that cover, and made it to the Girls Made of Snow and Glass drop. The book is one of my most anticipated reads of 2017- it just sounds so amazing and gorgeous, and I can't wait to devour it. I also met Brittany and Melissa somewhere in between. I honestly can't remember when, my memory has started to form holes by this point.

We visited the Grishaverse experience on our way to lunch, and I managed to get a picture with Kaz Brekker a.k.a my favourite YA character, a.k.a the best YA antihero. Lunch translates into the most expensive chicken tenders I've ever tasted in my life. Inelastic demand you all. Wait...too much Economics these days. Don't mind me.

My next signing was hands down my most awaited signing of the day. ( Well, Leigh's signing comes pretty close, but I was actually not prepared to meet Leigh on that day ) I've been dying to read They Both Die at the End ever since I heard of it, and on top of that, I knew that meeting Adam would be the highlight of the day - and it totally was. I met Adam at last year's BEA, and he was just delightful. He made my day and his signing was undoubtedly my fav from BEA 2016. Then I went home and read History. History Is All You Left Me is one special special book which wrecked me and is so personal to me, and I vented all my feels in my review, which Adam swears is one of his favourite reviews ever. So of course, I was so excited to meet him again. And the funny thing about the signing was that it was only for half an hour. Now if you know Adam, you know that his signings are looooooong. I was telling CJ that in no way he would finish signing books for all the people in the line in half an hour. But he did. It was amazing.

 Since we've interacted about the review on twitter, I was expecting Adam to know me if I introduced myself to him, but still I was totally amazed when he knew me right away. In fact, when it was his turn, he was as excited to see me as I was to see him. He called me his BFF, And gave me a hug. The fangirl died and went to heaven. And he inquired about my long flight again and told me that my History review means so much to him. Then I asked him how much I would cry after reading TBDATE. He said not as much as History. He lied. Because the book broke my heart

See that all-the-32-teeth-bared smile? I am such a goofball.

Then I made my way to Penguin for the signings of Genuine Fraud and Beasts Made of Night. E.Lockhart's signing was ultra fast, but I managed to tell her how much I loved We Were Liars. Tochi Onyebuchi was hands down one of the coolest people I've met. Of course, that means I said some unintelligent nonsense to him which I can't remember. I need coaching on how to talk to badass authors whom I haven't had a twitter conversation with before. Actually, even the ones I have talked to on twitter. After all, I successfully ended up talking to Tristina Wright only at her signing the next day, even after seeing her multiple times the days prior.

I finally got a glimpse of Melissa Albert - thanks to Shelly's heads up - and went and said hi. Melissa's the editor at the BN Teen Blog, where I contribute once a month, so I was pretty excited to meet her and gush about how eagerly I am waiting for her debut Hazel Wood. She was the sweetest. Then I made my way to the signing of Roar at the literal last minute, and flailed to Cora about how much I have loved her NA romances. My next signing was the MG Graphic Novel Pashmina, which I am so excited for, as it has a Desi MC and looks absolutely adorable! Nidhi - the author was delightful, and I met Sona Charaipotra in the line and chatted about Desi novels and how Times Square doesn't hold a candle of the chaos of Indian markets and everything in between :)

I ended up going to the Harper drop for Release and The Last Namsara sometime during the day, but again, hole in the memory. The Harper publicist was sooooooo friendly. ( Sense the sarcasm) She was literally holding the two books and in a monotone professed that we can only pick one. I even gave her my best smile, and she looked at me as if why I am wasting her time. It was.......unnerving. I picked Release, but actually ended up getting The Last Namsara later that day, since they had so many leftovers - obviously everyone picked Release over the latter.

CJ, Hazel, Joey and I were wandering around when we saw Adam Silvera and Marieke Nijkamp having a conversation. We lurked around for a while, and I was trying to approach Adam without appearing like an idiot, but he noticed us, and invited us over because he's amazing like that. We chatted with both of them - with Adam explaining just how he managed to finish his signing in half an hour. And we took a selfie because Adam has long arms.

My last signing for the day was Leigh Bardugo. I actually wasn't planning to make it to the signing, because I'd meet her anyway at the Fierce Reads party the next day, but Joey gave me his ticket, so I just ended up going, because why not? Leigh is undoubtedly my second favourite author - there's no doubt who's the first - and it was my first time meeting her so I was just a flailing mess. She just has a majestic presence, and it's hard to have a straight head in front of her.

Also the Language of Thorns is probably the first sampler I voluntarily acquired.And it's just gorgeous. The art! Just spectacular.

That was more or less the end of the show floor experience for that day. Our shoulders were crying, and we were exhausted, but we were so full of excitement even then. We returned to the hotel room, and while Hazel, Joey and I tried to sort out our day's hauls - and Joey was engaged in the regular acrobatics that come with taking a picture for Bookstagram - while CJ and Shelly went to Hillary Clinton's event. We were going to meet Cale Dietrich for ice cream after they returned, so we set out as they came back.

We met Cale and Sonia Belasco at the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop. Coincidentally, Vee and their friend Kristin also came by, so we all hung out and had ice cream. Cale is a dear good friend, and just a big sweetheart, and it was so amazing to get to meet him. We chatted about a whole lot of things, and even got to see the legendary Stonewall Inn.

And......that was the story of the second day of Book Expo! 

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