Aug 15, 2017

Book Aesthetics || Guest Post by Sil @ The Book Voyagers


Hello! Sil here. Mishma was so very kind to think of me for this blog series. I am so happy to be a part of it tbh, especially to talk about this topic today. Because aesthetics have become really big right now in Twitter but book aesthetics more so than ever.

For me, I love doing them. I am obsessed with Pinterest that you can’t make me get over it ~ I have so many boards of books, filled with pictures that I think represent them, and when I have a semi-large gallery of them, then I can start making the aesthetic for that book.

If you don’t know about me, I’m the face behind @thebookvoyagers, but also once upon a time, I created this little account with Ava from @Bookishwithtea and that is: @diversaesthetics. I co-own this account with her and we mainly publish diverse books aesthetics. What we realized is that with all of these new aesthetics account, and not trying to make anyone angry here, but it’s the true, that they all make them for really popular, famous and very white books. If they do make for diverse books, these are the very popular NYT bestseller books as well.

Ava and I thought that it could also work as a way to support these books. You might not know the book we are talking about but by the aesthetic and the points we include from that particular book, you might want to get it and buy it and support it. That’s what we thought. So as well as doing good and pretty aesthetics, we also thought it’s a good way to shout about our favorite books.

Now talking about aesthetics.

It’s not hard until you start searching for the pictures *lmao* It takes time to be honest. Me personally, I take hours to search for models more than searching for pictures that you can relate to the book. For the face claims or fancast, you can search for models but also actors or anyone really. But what I really recommend if you’re doing for a diverse books, for example, The Wrath and the Dawn, you need to have a Persian FC. And this is because Shazi is Persian so you can’t whitewash her by casting her as having light-skinned either because she doesn’t, and you can’t FC her with another model with different ethnicity because cultures aren’t interchangeable. This is very important.

I see this a lot in aesthetics, this happens. People think that by picking a model/FC that they think looks like the characters because of descriptions and such in text, it’s okay to pick them and use them in their aesthetics. You can’t do this if their ethnicity is canon in text and if their culture is explicitly said. Lara Jean is Korean-American, you cannot FC a Chinese model, or a Japanese model, I’m sorry but no. Of course it’s hard to find models for these aesthetics, and you have to take that time to search for the right one. These are various links to websites where you can search for FC for diverse aesthetics:

  • A friend of mine published various links here x
  • You can search a model’s ethnicity here and find models x
  • As well as here x

If not, Google is your friend!

And when you have your FC for your aesthetic, the rest is easier to search. Though I do recommend to start making Pinterest boards and just pinning pictures to them and to keep doing that for the books you read. It’s way easier than to find the pictures at the same time you’re doing your aesthetics, which can take a whiiiiile and you might not find any, because it always happens that way *lol* So just start making boards and when you’re on Pinterest one day, pin some pictures, here and there, and when you have time, just keep doing that. You’ll see these aesthetics will be completed by themselves.

Silvana is the owner of The Book Voyagers and also blogs there. The Book Voyagers is a blog mainly based for diverse books. We review/talk about middle grade, young adult, adult, so really you can find a wide variety of books there. You can find her at @thebookvoyagers on Twitter and @diversaesthetic.

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