Dec 22, 2017

My 2017 : A Breakdown

December is the month of anxiety. I really don't know which is worse, January and all its starts and beginnings, or its predecessor with all the wrapping up. While I am slowly coping up with the fact that 2017 is indeed coming to an end - for some reason 2017 feels like it flew away, while also feeling like it was forever - and it's time to look back at the roller coaster of an year.

2017 was not the best of years, for obvious reasons. Personally, it was a good one for me, however, and let's look at the ups, downs and highlights of 2017 for me.

P.S - 2017 was a happening year, so the post might be really long. Brace yourselves.

1. I am officially out of school

Hands down the biggest incident of 2017 was that I graduated. I've been in that school for 14 years, and while it's great to step out of the cocoon of my all girls convent school - and some of its rigid nonsense - graduation was not a happy phase for me. I was actually in the verge of getting depressed, and I am finally getting over it these days - or so I hope. I was always heavily involved in school, be it academics and all the possible extra curriculars, so suddenly having nothing to do was a huge shock for me. I was down for the entirety of September, and it was almost as if I had no purpose. It's funny that even when I had so much time to read and blog, I couldn't even bring myself to do that. It was a hard couple of months, guys. Who would have thought that I would miss my good old school so much?

2. It was a year for college applications and standardized tests

You might already know that I am hoping to go to university in the US, so these past few weeks I've also been occupied with college applications. In addition, I had to do Advanced Levels, SATs and my IELTS - needless to say, there was a lot of studying and stressing :D

3. I went to New York!

Well, the best part of 2017 is hands down my visit to New York. This is my second trip to USA, but I loved New York much more than my last year's visit to Chicago. The city was just amazing, and everything I hoped it would be like! I just can't wait to go back there again, and you can check out the complete recap of my trip here


I hung out with Hazel for the most of the trip - we went to the Met, visited Times Square and got lost a lot - and I also got to finally meet my amazing friend Rachel, who took me around the High Line, hung out with Julie Eshbaugh and almost froze on the top of the Empire State Building and C.B.Lee who treated me with some spectacular milkshakes at the Black Tap.

4. Blogboundcon

While BEA was the reason for the New York visit, I also got to go for blogboundcon this year -organized by Julie and Nicole - and I did a panel! This is my second panel, I did one at BEA 2016, but I have to admit that this time around was my fav out of the two experiences, as I was speaking along with some amazing friends. Hazel, Alex and I spoke on social media, while Joey was our moderator. People liked it enough - well, at least I think they did :D - and it was so great! In addition, I also finally met a lot of my online friends - and special mention goes to finally getting to meet Heidi Heilig. Check out the whole recap here


5. All the BEA 2017 side effects

Sometimes the best thing about Book Expo is not the conference itself. I got to do alot of fun things courtesy of BEA - such as the Penguin breakfast, Macmillan Happy Hour, the Bloomsbury tour and the NOVL brunch. In addition, I got to hang out with friends, and it was great. I finally met JoeyMelissa, Alexandra, Alexa, Melissa Albert, Melanie, CamMichael and got to properly hang out with Brittany. I also had an amazing BEA squad with Joey, Hazel, Shelly and CJ - it was just great.


6. I met my favourite author and died flailing

If you know me, you know I love Victoria Schwab. I am a die hard fan of her books, and I've been waiting so long to get a chance to meet her. To say that I was excited and nervous to meet her at Bookcon was an understatement. I was so sad that I couldn't get the ticket for her ticketed signing, and the only chance to see her was to just catch a glimpse when she's around. Which also meant that I kinda camped outside the Macmillan booth waiting for her. I know, I know, I am hopeless. But the whole incident of finally meeting her was so worth the wait and the excitement.

I met her at the Macmillan booth, and Julie introduced me to her - so I don't look like a creepy stalker, who's speechless and hyperventilating in front of her - and to my complete surprise, Victoria KNEW WHO I WAS! Damn, this happened in June, but I am still flailing when I recount the moment. She recognised me, and I still to date don't know what nonsense I blabbered to her :D She was so nice and patient while I flailed to no end, and she signed my copy of Vicious for me.

But the best part is that it didn't stop there. She told me to come by her signing later - though I didn't have a ticket - and I did, obviously :D While lurking around her signing, I got to meet her editor Miriam - who also knew me, what is life??? - and after talking for a while, I was kinda let to cut in and get ACOL signed. I felt like a VIP and died and came back to life.
Annnnd, yes I have more. The next day, we were just sitting in a corner at Bookcon, enjoying some peace among the chaos, when Victoria and her agent went by us to go to her panel. She spotted me, and came over to my humble corner to meet me and said hi. All I could do was grin like an idiot. She told me that she's going over to her panel, and heading out afterwards, so if I wanted to see her again- which I obviously I did - I could come by the Macmillan booth again in a few hours. Needless to say, I once again camped outside the booth waiting for her. ( Also Joey said I was strutting all day after she came over and said hi )

I actually ended up walking her out to the train station, and by that time, I was actually making coherent conversation. It was just too amazing. I've been waiting to just get a glimpse of her for so long, and the final meeting couldn't have been any better, at all. She was just so wonderful. And the best part is that she herself was excited about my excitement, because apparently in that panel, when asked what was her favourite part of Bookcon, she mentioned meeting me. I know. It's a miracle how I am still alive.

7. More of meeting authors

I met quite a lot of my favourite authors in 2017. While Schwab is undoubtedly the ultimate highlight, I was also so excited to meet Leigh Bardugo. I got to chat with her for a while at the Macmillan Happy Hour and she was so sweet. It was another moment of extreme flailing.

In addition I got to meet the amazing Marie Lu, Kristin Cashore, Renee Ahdieh, Stephanie Perkins and Marissa Meyer. I also met Anna Marie Mclemore, Katherine Locke, Tristina Wright, Ash Poston, Nic Stone, Samira Ahmed, Cale Dietrich and Julie C Dao for the first who have all been great friends on twitter. I saw and hugged Stephanie Garber again, while Adam Silvera called me his best friend. 2017 has clearly given me some great moments, lol.

Oh and also Samira thinks I should have been her cover model. Maybe I have a calling I should explore, what do you guys think? :D

8. The books

I've read some great books this year. I hit a bad slump by the end of the year - and the only books I could ready were historical romances, which is my filler genre - but overall, I have managed to go through some great reads. Definitely the highlights are When Dimple Met Rishi, Forest of a Thousand Lanterns, Library of Fates, Gentleman's Guide for Vice and Virtue, Eliza and her Monsters and They Both Die at the End. Check out my whole list of favourite reads of the year

My biggest disappointment was By Your Side, which is my least favourite Kasie West book so far. The greatest surprise was Blood Rose Rebellion, which is such an underrated read of this year.

9. How did 2017 treat Chasing Faerytales?

The 3rd year might have been the blog's weakest year yet. I was not able to work on the blog as much as I had hoped, and while there were some great posts here and there, I feel like I left the blog to be a bit stagnant. Hopefully things will get better soon. There were very few fun things I have done, except for a much tamer Learnt it the Hard Way. Now that I have more time on my hands, I hope to bring the blog back on track, fingers crossed.

Highlight posts of the year :
   - What YA needs to get right about teens
   - A Shipper's Musings : When your ships aren't canon
   - 14 Upcoming Desi YA/MG releases to get excited for
   - Review : When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon
   - Recs for Ramadan : A rec list of books with muslim mcs and rep

10. Diverse Reads 2017

Shelly and I revamped our Reading Challenge once again for this year, and we also attempted to highlight the diverse authors and books of the year. 2017 has brought along some wonderfully diverse books, and I am glad that I could be a part of spreading the word around in some way. We probably won't be doing the challenge once again next year, however I'd always be up for promoting the diverse releases of 2018 in any way that I can.

11. My tics have resurfaced full time

I've always been open about my tourette syndrome, and the last few months, I have experienced a sharp increase in my tics, and I've been developing some new ones as well. It's definitely hard, but I am trying to distract myself so I don't ponder over them too much and become more anxious.

12. Speaking of distractions...

I have started watching a lot of TV! I am not a TV person, as I won't just stick to one thing for a long time, but I've slowly started watching some good shows. This year I watched The Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Riverdale, The Office, Parks and Recreation, How to Get Away with Murder, Empire and my current obsession Brooklyn Nine Nine. I've also started watching Saturday Night Live. I am planning to start The Good Place soon , do feel free to give me some good recs.

13. I started a new book!

If you follow me on twitter, you would have known about my WIP. I started it for NaNo, and while I couldn't finish the challenge, it managed to give me a boost to keep going. My book is an Indian fantasy inspired by the epic Mahabharata, and narrates the story of an underdog who faces discrimination due to her caste and sex. ( For those who know the epic, it will be gender bent retelling of Karna ) You can expect a lot of bloodshed, murder, political games, vengeance and ambition. I am so excited about it, and I hope to finish the first draft by June of 2018.

P.S - Also kudos to Hazel for the amazing cover.

14. I got my heart broken

Well, I almost didn't want to post this. I don't want to go into details, but yeah, it sucked. Big time. I am more and more convinced I am going to end up as a single old crazy lady :D

15. Overall, I made a lot of good memories.

With friends, with family and myself, I just made alot of moments and memories. It was a rollercoaster of an year, but in the end, I am satisfied and content with how things went. I just hope that 2018 would be a much much better year, for myself and everyone around the world.

THAT must have been long. Sorry if I just dumped you with a lot of stuff :D That was my 2017! How was your year? The good, the bad, the highlights? Feel free to let me know in the comments.

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