Dec 12, 2017

Top Ten Best Books I read in 2017

2017 is coming to an end and it's the scariest thing ever. Where did the year ago? Amidst the dumpster fire the year was, there were some great things, such as amazing books. So it's time to recount my top ten fave reads of this year ( I might have ended up cheating a bit)

This choice is a complete no brainer. This book was written for me, period.

I knew I would enjoy Francesca Zappia's second book, since I adore her debut Made You Up, but Eliza was much more than I expected. With an extremely realistic portrayal of a creator's life behind the screen, online friendships and relationships and the most authentic rep of anxiety I've ever read, the story was heartwarming and beautiful.

The Shadow Queen was a surprise fave of 2016, and I was so eager for its sequel. And I was not disappointed. This Rumpelstiltskin retelling was as creative, thrilling and enthralling as its predecessor was, and Ari is hands down one of my favourite MCs ever. Also special mention to Teague, our villain, he was perfect.

This is a perfect book for Sarah Dessen and Elizabeth Scott fans. A touching story about a complicated relationship of a mother and daughter, How to Make a Wish explores relationships like no other contemporary I have read recently has done. It will definitely give you the feels, plus the romance between Eva and Grace is too cute.

5. A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

Oh man this book. Sigh. It's the only backlist title in this list and I am glad that I finally took it up ( All thanks to Joey) It broke my heart into pieces and I was sobbing my heart out. I finally get why most of my friends are great Patrick Ness fans.

Speaking of crying and books breaking hearts, Adam Silvera has once again managed to completely wreck me with recent story. One of my favourite things about his books is how much I end up relating to his main characters, and this time around, Mateo was so me it was absolutely insane. 

Villain backstories and I are a match made in heaven. Xifeng's journey from a simple village girl to a nefarious empress was astounding, and I loved every bit of it.

It's not easy to like Whitney's MC Julia, but that's what makes her so so real. A beautifully diverse story, armed with an authentic portrayal of a teen with so much angst and passion, this book is a gem.

Oh Monty, my precious cinnamon roll. I shall protect you against everything. This is the ultimate road trip book - except it's set in the past, and the trip isn't exactly on road. I have never seen a character arc this definite and brilliant in any book, ever. 

This is my dream Indian fantasy. Library of Fates is still so painfully underrated, and I really don't understand why. This is a gorgeously told story of a girl's journey towards greatness, and it's lush, emotional, feminist and utterly breathtaking.

And since I really can't stop with those ten, here are a few honorable mentions.

Have you read any of the titles mentioned above? What were your top reads of 2017?

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