Feb 6, 2018

Here's an ode to the senior citizens of my TBR

My TBR list is an ever growing mess. I neglect taking a look at it, in fear of entering the dark hole of Goodreads out of which I won't be able to return for a while. But at times when I do pay a little visit to the shelf, I notice some books I have added ages ago - we're talking 2012/13 - and still haven't read. The interest of a bookworm can sometimes be so fickle.

Here are ten senior citizens of my TBR, some I hope I'll get to really soon, and some I probably won't ever take up.

1. The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay

There was a time when this book was all the rage on Goodreads. Now I can't remember the last time someone even mentioned this title.Yet it remains a highly rated and popular book, which for some reason I could never find a copy of and therefore never read.

Will I read it?

I honestly don't know. I know my excuse is a lack of a copy, but it's not as if I am going to jump at the chance of reading it if I do acquire one. Plus, I can't even remember what the book is about and why I was interested in the first place. In the book's defense, it has been in my TBR for almost 6 years.

2. The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken

Once again, a wildly popular book from ancient times like The Sea of Tranquility, however, I guess Darkest Minds is much more relevant. I seem to have a lot of friends who love this book as well, considering how many times this has been recommended to me. 

Will I read it?

I do have a copy of the book, so there's a good chance I might. But it's also a series, so I probably won't until I am in the mood to start a brand new fantasy series. ( I am just so bad at series, guys ) Also Ruby does sound awesome, so I am curious.

3. More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera

Ironically, the first book by Adam Silvera I added to my TBR is the only one of his books I haven't read yet. I added this way back when it was announced, yet never got to read it. Then I met Adam Silvera at BEA, then the rest is history ( no pun intended :D) 

Will I read it?

Absolutely! I haven't managed to find a copy of this book, but when I do, this one won't be lingering in the TBR shelf any longer. Adam is one of my fav authors, and I've always connected to his characters so much, and since Aaron is supposed to be semi biographical, I can already feel that I am going to relate to him.

4. The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater

Maggie Stiefvater deserves her own space in this list. I have only read one of her books ( The Raven Boys ) and literally everything else she has written is on my TBR list - some of them for ages. I really want to revisit The Raven Cycle series, now that I finally managed to find the copies of all four books, but the book that I really wish I can read is The Scorpio Races.

Will I read it?

If I get a copy? Most probably. This one is a highly recommended book, and I wish for once I actually have something to say when I meet Maggie at BEA, instead of just smiling at her like an idiot.

5. Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson

There's no excuse for this one, really. It's a retelling, a standalone AND I have a paperback. Then why haven't I read it yet? I frankly don't know. Maybe I am scared of the potential heartbreak, because this is certified as a tearjerker. Tiger Lily fans, MAKE ME READ THE BOOK. PLEASE.

Will I read it?

When I get over the fear of a broken heart, definitely. I'll buy myself a box of tissues and settle on a rainy day.

6. The Young Elites by Marie Lu

This has Mishma written all over it. An antiheroine and Marie Lu - it should be enough for me to read this. In fact, this book has always been in my wishlist for years, until I finally bought it last year. It puzzles me that this is still in my TBR though.

Will I read it?

Right now, I am compelled to take this up. So yes.

7. Cress by Marissa Meyer

Cress is an unfortunate book, I would've totally read, and would've definitely loved if I had only read as soon as I was done with Scarlet. I am just horrible with series. I actually really wanted to read this book, Thorne was my favourite character in the series, and the Tangled undertones I got from the synopsis was enough to get me hooked. 

Will I read it?

Sadly, probably no. I still want to read this book so badly, but I have forgotten half of Cinder and Scarlet, and I am so not going to reread the two books. Sigh.

8. Red Rising by Pierce Brown

I almost ended up reading Red Rising. My friends who love the book claim it's brutal, and that's enough of a recommendation for me. I am also a stalker of Pierce Brown's instagram account - of come on, you can't judge me :D - and it feels weird that I haven't even read his book, lol. 

Will I read it?

I guess I will. Then maybe I will actually admire Pierce Brown for his writing skills like a good reader.

9. Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein

I have a morbid obsession for anything related to World War 2, and I've been wanting to read the book forever. I actually ended up acquiring the sequel, Rose Under Fire first by mistake, and then waited until I could buy a copy of this one. However, for some reason, I am still waiting.

Will I read it?

It will depend on my mood for sure. Hopefully I will get the right mood for this soon.

10. The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

This is the only book in this list that I would start reading the next moment I get my hands on a copy. This is a Schwab recommended book, and that should be enough credential for The Song of Achilles. I know this will break my heart as well, but I shall steel my poor heart and get ready for some feels.

Will I read it?

YES! I am only waiting for the Book Gods to grant me my wish.

Have you read any of the books from this list? Which ones should I read immediately? What are the books you've had in your TBR for a long time?

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