Jul 31, 2018

Introducing my College Diaries || The pre travel nerves

Hello bookworms! We are stepping into August ( don't even ask me what happened to July, it feels like that month didn't even come by ) which means it's time for me to make the biggest change in my life. Moving for college. Everything is happening so fast and it's so nerve wracking, and I decided that the entire college experience is going to be so new and so big, that I should share my adventures ( or misadventures - whatever actually happens ) with you all. Let me introduce you to my new blog feature College Diaries! ( I couldn't think of an exciting name with all my nerves, don't judge me )

It's been some time since I did a personal post on the blog, but I might actually have a lot to share in the future in comparison to my plain old life in Sri Lanka ( Maybe not. Am I expecting too much from college? :D ) Today will be all about my pre travel nerves, as it's officially one week more until I take the flight to USA to start off as an undergraduate at the University of Iowa

Starting college itself is nerve wracking, but additionally I have the wonderful anxiety of moving to a whole new country, and trying to manage alone for the first time in my life. Now you might call me spoilt, but I was brought up in a typical household where I am not used to fending to my own needs. I don't know A to Z about laundry and I can't even properly make the chai that I am so fond of. So yes, life is going to give me a huge reality check, but in a weird way I am also excited for it.

It's been a month of packing and getting all the documents sorted. These days I am on the mission of doing a typical desi thing - visiting houses of family and friends to say good bye. It's doubly awkward and emotional, as I am reminded that I am actually leaving the country when I say the goodbyes, while some annoying relatives somehow think that this is the right time to ask me what I am going to do afterwards. Let me go to college, will you???

Buying things for the dorm has been another headache. We are simple creatures here in Sri Lanka, and we are all set with blankets and pillows. Even my comforter was kind of a luxury. But looking at all the options at Bed Bath and Beyond, my head started spinning. Why do you need throw pillows? To throw on the ground before you sleep??? But really, jokes aside, by the time I sealed the deal and bought the bedding, I was fed up of looking at beds and sheets.

People love to ask me whether I am ready. I don't know what to say. Yes things are packed and bought. But am I emotionally ready? I honestly don't know. At times I wonder why in the world I ever thought about attending university in the USA. Why did my parents say yes to all my mad dreams. Let's just say that my anxiety is at its peak these days, and I probably won't settle until I am there and I am in my first class or something.

Speaking of, one thing I am actually very excited about is to learn. I had to take a gap year because of the weird timings of my graduation here and the application deadlines, and I am so scared that I've lost touch of studying. I mean we Sri Lankan students sit in one class for 5 to 7 hours without breaking a sweat, but it's been one year since I ever did any intense studying. I hope my brain hasn't become rusted.

It won't be an exaggeration if I say that in one week my life might change. I don't know what to expect from the university, from Iowa and the perpetual fear of not making friends or not performing well is already seeping in, but I hope that I can shrug off the nerves soon in the future. Afterall there are a lot of things to be excited about, I'll be in good old America and closer to my dreams, and I hope that it would be worth all the nerves and fear.

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