Aug 3, 2018

A visit back to the magical world || Star Touched Stories by Roshani Chokshi ( Blog Tour + Review )

Title : Star Touched Stories
Author : Roshani Chokshi
Publisher : St. Martin's Press
Release Date : 7th August 2018
Synopsis :

Three lush and adventurous stories in the Star-Touched world.

Death and Night

He was Lord of Death, cursed never to love. She was Night incarnate, destined to stay alone. After a chance meeting, they wonder if, perhaps, they could be meant for more. But danger crouches in their paths, and the choices they make will set them on a journey that will span lifetimes.

Poison and Gold

Now that her wish for a choice has come true, Aasha struggles to control her powers. But when an opportunity to help Queen Gauri and King Vikram's new reign presents itself, she is thrown into the path of the fearsome yet enchanting Spy Mistress. To help her friends, Aasha will have to battle her insecurities and perhaps, along the way, find love.

Rose and Sword

There is a tale whispered in the dark of the Empire of Bharat-Jain. A tale of a bride who loses her bridegroom on the eve of her wedding. But is it a tale or a truth?

I went through a lot of emotions while reading this novella. While the stories and Roshani's writing is enough to give anyone all the feels, my own emotions were more or less nostalgic. I remembered "meeting" Roshani on twitter in 2015 in a debut author chat and how excited I was to see a POC ownvoices author writing an Indian fantasy. It's so beautiful to see how much this series and the world has expanded, and I can't help but be so proud as I read the perfect and beautiful wrap up to one of the very first South Asian YA books I have read as a blogger.

Star Touched Stories is a beautiful goodbye to the world and its characters. It gave that satisfying after taste of the finale of a very beloved and long series. The stories had the signature elements of Roshani's lush and evocative writing, her layered and lovable characters and the extraordinary world she has created with the previous two books. The three stories take you through an emotional rollercoaster ride, and it's impossible to stop yourself turning the pages.

While it's phenomenal in whole, individually the stories excel as well. While my personal favourite is the last one, Rose and Sword, all three of the stories are memorable and outstanding.

Death and Night

A prequel to Star Touched Queen, it tells the story of the path to Amar and Maya's love story. Even though you know what's going to happen in the end, you are still hooked to it, as you swoon over Death's love for Night, his efforts ( especially his adorable attempts at courting ) and his pain. When I was done, I wanted to go back and read The Star Touched Queen all over again.

Poison and Gold

I have to admit, Aasha didn't stand out to me in A Crown of Wishes, but as I read her story, I was so surprised by how much I loved her. Curious and kind, she was a perfect Hufflepuff, and that was enough for me to develop a soft spot. The story has a f/f romance to die for, and you'll root for Aasha every step in her way, as you always want her to get everything she deserves.

Rose and Sword

OH MY GOD. This was my reaction to this story. Placing this one at the end was such a good decision, as it took me like an hour to even get over it. I literally can't say anything without spoiling, and this is something you have to go in blind, but let me just say this. Have those tissues ready. I was sniffling so hard throughout.

This is a must read for anyone who has read and loved The Star Touched Queen and A Crown of Wishes. It's the closure and wrap up this series deserves, and Roshani delivered it perfectly. I'll miss these characters and the world so much. Now let me go cry over Rose and Sword once again.

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