Beta Reading Services

Are you looking for a beta reader to give feedback to your manuscript?

You've come to the right place!

I'll be offering Beta Reading services to any author who's looking for one.

Who's a beta reader?

A beta reader is a reader who reads a manuscript and critically analyse it and give feedback to the author. While I won't be looking at your grammar or spelling, I'll be focusing on your plot, characterization and overall execution of the story and give you my honest opinion in the point of view of a reader.

Why should you hire one?

Well, as a writer it's hard to find the faults and the positives in your own manuscript. After all it's your baby. A beta reader will see the details - or the lack of them - which you might have missed.

Why should you hire me?

So if you are going to hire a beta, why me?

1. First and foremost I am a reader. I've been reading fiction since I was 9 years old. I've read a wide range of books from YA to adult, from fantasy to erotica. I've read them all. As a reader, I'll tell you what your book looks like in a readers' eyes.

2. Addition to that, I am a pretty open minded person. So I won't have any kind of personal likes and dislikes interfere in my opinion ( religion, language,sex etc.) 

3. I am a reviewer. I've been reviewing books for three years, and I have managed this blog since last year. I have experience with reviewing both ARCs and finished copies. And this will help me give you a critical feedback.

4. I am a G.C.E advanced level English Literature student. My school life pretty much consists of analysing texts and coming up with interpretations. My training in school will help me to carefully and professionally analyse your manuscript and give you honest feedback.

What manuscripts do I accept?

I'll accept YA and NA books,and also adult books in the following genres.

Contemporary, Romance, Historical Fiction, Urban Fantasy, High Fantasy, Retellings, Realistic Fiction, Dystopia

I don't accept these genres

Non fiction, memoirs, steampunk, middle grade, religion and spirituality.

Is your manuscript ready for beta reading?

Now please remember that I won't correct your spelling or grammar mistakes.So when you submit your manuscript to me, make sure that it's already proofread and edited.

How do I accept manuscripts?

I'd prefer to work with physical manuscripts. So it would be really great, if you can send me a bound manuscript so I can make my notes on it and send it back to you. But if you find it hard ( especially with shipping ), you can send me a digital copy, which I can print out and start working on.

What can you expect from me?

1.The reason why I want a physical manuscript is because I make notes on it while I read it. This way, when I finish beta reading you'll have your manuscript back with the notes, corrections, suggestions and pointers that I have written along the lines.

2. A honest handwritten feedback. Along with your manuscript, I'll send you a handwritten critical overview in at least two pages.

3. An overall commentary. My feedback will cover your plot, characters, writing style, dialogues and world building.

4. If you request it, a few improvisations. If you really want it, I can give you suggestions, but that doesn't mean, I'll be forcing my ideas on you.

How much does it cost?

Since I am just starting out, I am doing this for free! But if you are sending me the physical manuscript, you have to take care of the shipping. When I send it back to you, I can do it on my own account. But if you are sending me a digital copy, you have to take care of the shipping charges of me sending the manuscript back to you, as I would've already spent on printing your novel.


Based on your manuscript length and my current schedule, I'll give you a deadline, which I'll try to stick with. But if you want it before the deadline I fix, we can work that out too.

*Note that,the time spent while shipping will not be included in the deadline.*


Drop me a mail with the subject being "beta reading"
I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.