About Us

Meet Mishma , creator and owner of Chasing Faerytales

Mishma is a 17 year old teenager from Sri Lanka who's always loved books and talking about them.When she found out that not everyone around her appreciated books as much as her,she created a platform for herself where she can talk about books,rant about her favourites and gush about her latest book boyfriends.

Welcome to Chasing Faerytales-her corner of the internet,and here's a few things that you might want to know about the person behind it!

She has always wanted to write and recently she's started to flirt with the idea of getting a career in publishing.It's her dream to move away from her conservative,YA book lacking country and to explore the world when she grows up.

She often comes off as a talkative, outgoing, funny, hyperactive and happy go lucky girl! She's known as the entertainer, the nerd, the adviser, listener and the best company by her friends -among which she considers the latter as her greatest accomplishment! She's also known for being incredibly loud and the fact that she's a debater doesn't help:)

She's also a lazy procrastinator despite also being known as responsible.She loves organizing things,events and making plans.She's also loyal and makes sure she goes by it whenever she makes a promise.

Her addictions include twitter. buzzfeed, binge watching tv shows and movie marathons.She has a weird obsession with greek mythology,wars-especially second world war,classic old movies with uncensored violence and nefarious villains.

She loves bad boys and swoon worthy romances in books.In real life,she's a forever single insecure girl-who's sure she'll end up as a crazy cat lady-and has a huge soft spot for nerdy guys with geek glasses and great voice.

She's also firm in her beliefs,and despite being a fun person has strong views and opinions on certain things.She's also pretty open minded-thanks to the books she read.She's also known for being patient and calm with people but her temper is also quite nasty when she gets angry,which rarely happens.

She hopes that this hasn't made you run away,because she rather likes making friends!So grab a chair,get a cup of coffee and befriend her,she promises you won't regret it:)

Meet Jillian, co owner of the blog!

Jillian is a 16-year-old girl from Manila, Philippines. As of now, she is currently in the 11th grade as a junior in high school, and she loves the written word more than anything. One of her favorite subjects at school is English, especially because she has a deep love for reading and writing.

Before Jillian even learned to read, her mom would frequently read to her bedtime stories, which eventually made her develop her love for books and reading. One of her first stories were Aesop's Fables, which was one of her childhood favorites. Right now, her favorite novels include Pride and Prejudice, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, and The Book Thief.

Jillian owns a blog called Jillian’s Books, which she had first launched in April 2014.


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  2. Great blog, girls! Would love to invite u two to check out our magazine Rose Alley (www.rosealley.com) - an Asian female magazine . Would love to have our audience meet you some day! Leslie

  3. Awesome blog!

    -bhairavee @dramaticsoul.info